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Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Cleveland, Alabama

Dollar General / service

Karen Tanoh on Jun 17, 2018

I made a purchase today Sunday June 17, 2018 and the bell beeped when I left. The assistant manager came out and told me not to return. I voluntarily came back in the store and emptied my purse on the counter. She would not come to see. I had no pockets. She if I came back it would be...

7162 / customer service

Freak4Country on Jun 16, 2018

Ive been coming into the speedway on apd40 for a long time now. I love this store, but just here recently i've been coming in the mornings 730isham and around lunch time 130ishpm. The younger man, chad, rang my stuff up. I stood in line for a bit, I watched him ring one person up, very...

Panera Bread / food & employee service taking orders

Alycyana on Jun 9, 2018

The lady that took my order had a very very bad attitude with me she kept rolling her eyes & smacking her gum like in a way as in saying hurry up & order already. So I was rushed, then it took forever for my order to come out to me like 30/40minutes sumwhere around there but it was a long...

Checkers and Rally's / food and service

Sabrina Nevels on Jun 3, 2018

I am disgusted with this store and want someone to call me to hear my complaint. I will shorten it for now and say they sold me the charcoal burnt fish sandwich and dump all my french fries in a bag. My number is 216 2030424. I have been going to this food service for a year and every...

Olive Garden / credit card payments

Beautiful 43 on May 28, 2018

On May 26, 2018, my family and I went to the Olive Garden in Anderson, South Carolina to celebrate my granddaughter's graduation from high School. The service was good and the food was great but when we went to pay the bills there was an issue. The server didn't tell us he had mixed up the...

Cub Cadet / 2011 ltx1050

partrick on May 10, 2018

My first new tractor, biggest piece of crap I ever bought! Can't even climb side hill from back yard.! Motor has the power, but junk hydro is worthless. Always was. I see you recalled them for a parking gear or something. You should replace them all! I will certainly not be recommending...

Circle K Stores / coffee

Savannah Moss on Apr 25, 2018

This is about the store on waterlevel hwy Cleveland, tn. I come in about the same time every morning through the week after I drop off my daughter at school. Everytime something is out and isn't replaced. All I want is a cup of coffee and the past two mornings they were empty! I even tried...

Dollar General / bluray disc

Franchise Parras on Apr 22, 2018

Just bought the movie arrival. Took it hone and watched it for the first time and movie is messed up. The blue ray disc actually freezes up and skips portions of the movie. I was very dissapointed that i could not watch my new blue ray movie in its entierty. The next day, today, i returned...

The Coca-Cola Company / sprite

Warren6701 on Mar 26, 2018

It recently came to my attention that i have brought a expired sprite it was very flat and had a metal taste which made me sick i am very disappointed in what happened because i never have problems with you guy's drinks but this drink was horrible it tasted like metal and i got really sick from it i don't know why it happened i really don't enjoy it

Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Office Neal Ebenger / lazy fat sheriff's deputy that is incompetent. a disgusting pig!

gonuca988 on Mar 23, 2018

Fat, nasty, troll! Pants don't fit properly, has to use a belt to compensate for the closure clasp that will no longer accommodate his 62 inch swollen beer belly! LOL!!! Wears the same moldy rain jacket year round, day in day out. Probably wears it around the house off duty. Doesn't matter...