Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Cambridge, England, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

rockmusicmemorabilia / 2 sets costing over 200 pounds ordered on 11 december 2017 have not been received despite numerous emails and promises that they would be sent.

Aug 16, 2018

My emails are now being ignored. Is this company are scam? Their excuse is it's the courier s fault, but I don't believe the items were ever sent and basically they have stolen my money. They seem to have done the same thing to other buyers so beware! I am going to notify paypal, credit card...

Expedia / refund

Mar 10, 2018

Concerning my refund I informed you that I have a new debit card from my bank and told you I didn't have a letter from my bank I provided you with my bank account details and sent you a picture of my new debit card and still I've had no contact about refunding my money I find thi...

SCS / carpets

Feb 07, 2018

Hi, my partner and I recently purchased some carpets and a table and 6 chairs, the table and chairs have now been delivered and are fantastic, I wanted to wait for these to be delivered to see if they met standards which they do, however I cannot say the same about the carpets as they are...

Barbour (Europe) Ltd. / barbour equine jacket

Sep 20, 2017

Good Afternoon, I bought a Barbour coat from John Lewis in December last year. I didn't notice at the time but when I took it out of my wardrobe this morning (been there from Feb/March time) I noticed shiny/discolloured areas on the arms and down the side, as though it had rubbed off the... / being charged by a hotel before staying at the hotel

Aug 26, 2017

Booking ref - [protected] I have waited almost a week from a reply from a hotel via All I have had is an automated response stating that they are waiting for an answer from the hotel. I deliver customer service training and you can really tell how good a company is at customer...

SCS / flooring

Feb 14, 2017

In June last year I ordered carpets through your Cambridge store for my home, when the purchase was made the store was fully aware that we were only ready for delivery of x2 of the rooms so agreed to only deliver x2 and fit them. On the day that the x2 carpets were to be fitted a mistake...

Tophatter / sizing

Jan 18, 2017

I am not happy, I sent for a pair of ankle boots in a size 6-39 .and they have sent me a size 38 so I can't where them, and today they sent me a pair of shoes and guess what they are a size 37.the shoes I don't like, and then I ordered something's and they don't arrive, I have spent a lot...

Jagex Ltd / Runescape

Jan 13, 2017

On Tuesday night around 8:19 My account was hacked. The password was changed and the hacker was able to get into my bank(and sold everything worth any value-He even purchased a few of augmentor dissolvers so he could sell the weapons and armors I had augmented. I lost hundreds of million...

BES Utilities / gas and electricity

Jun 28, 2016

BES are dishonest, I can say this without fear of retribution because OFGEN already fine them for misrepresenting their product. I wanted out from my contract with this company the day after agreeing as i told them i was very sick and they were very pushy and i just went ahead thinking...

Neteller / related to documents verification

Mar 11, 2016

Dear Team, I fail to understand why my id proof is not accepted by your company. I did not expected this types of service from your side this is indicating that your services are not better and i need to switch on other company. Please see i have submitted a valid id proof which is issued...

Sainsbury's / Banoffee Pie with metal shard

Mar 30, 2014

The Banoffee Pie contained a metallic looking shard in it, of about 1cm in length and 6mm in girth although it formed an irregular polyhedral shape. The was no apology from the staff in the store, only an attempt to shift the blame outwith the Brooks Road store. There was some notion that...

Asda Direct / Misled on website, kept my money so far

Oct 04, 2013

The website clearly shows that a recycle service is available for washing machines. However when you proceed to the checkout and beyond you do not get the option to select the removal of your old washing machine. When I telephoned ASDA Direct I was told that I could negotiate the removal...

Nick Jacob aka / Beware! Unprofessional, Lies, Avoid At All Costs

Aug 13, 2013

A long time ago, I attempted to do business with this individual while he was still in the United Kingdom. At the time, I was scared for my families safety so I backed away from the situation and went about to avoid him. However, I have to say this individual is just an awful person...

Dreams / ruined our credit rating

Aug 16, 2012

We are getting no where with this Company. We purchased a bed from these clowns, we were offered finance and they entered our details completely wrong on their system, wrong name, wrong address, we then failed finance, paid by credit card. Even though we immediately informed them that all...

Jagex Ltd/runescape / Unjustified banning of dooodlebrain account

May 05, 2012

We made an account back in July of 2008 to play online. On September 21, 2011 they banned the account. They stated it was Maroing, using a third party software. I asked for proof and they could not give any. It's a disgrace that they can get away with banning an acount that I worked...

HomeServe / Paid additional on the spot charge

May 02, 2012

We called out Homeserve to mend a burst pipe - to an outside tap so not covered by our Homeserve Insurance. My husband was charged £103.50. Having repaired the pipe, the plumber tried to turn the stopcock on but it was broken. In order to repair the stop ### the plumber asked that I...

Jagex Ltd./runecape / Permanent banned account dooodlebrain

Apr 29, 2012

After being a devoted and faithful player on runescape for over three years, they banned my account dooodlebrain for supposedly macroing. They were not able to show proof, because I am innocent! I can guarantee you they have no way of detecting a botting system and I am living proof of...

Runescpae / Permanent Banning of Acoount Dooodlebrain

Apr 29, 2012

After being a devoted and faithful player on runescape for over three years, they banned my account dooodlebrain for supposedly macroing. I am innocent! They were not able to show proof, which I can guarantee you they have none. Tthey also have no way of detecting a botting system and I am...

Runescape / Unprecendented Account banning

Apr 28, 2012

After being a devoted and faithful player on runescape for over three years, they banned my account dooodlebrain for supposedly macroing. They were not able to show proof, which I can guarantee you they have no way of detecting a botting system and I am living proof of that. Because I...

Asda / faulty boots

Jan 04, 2012

I bought a pair of boots from Asda in November but after wearing them for less than 2 weeks in total found there was hole in the inside at the heals. They weren#t wearable and clearly hadn't been worn much - the tread was still very clear and the name inside hadn't been worn off...

Ntlworld broadband / Failure to keep promises on 4 occassions

Oct 31, 2011

On four occassions having terminated my account with NTL in favour of BT some months ago, they promissed to delete my old NTL webpage ( for which I cancelled my contract with them. The latest was an emergency promise to remove this within five...

Intercargo UK / delay

May 05, 2011

I contracted the company at the end of march 2011 and today Í'm still waiting for my luggage to arrive. I contract a 7-10 days service and it passed more than a month . Very poor service

Currys / currys... buyer beware

Apr 09, 2011

Bought a gas cooker from CURRYS in September 2009 and the grill had to be repaired twice in the first year for the same fault. Cooker is now 18 months old and exactly the same fault has occurred again but CURRY'S say as the warranty has expired they will not repair it. I was told to...

Jagex Ltd. / / Breach of Contract/Failure to Perform

Apr 02, 2011

Paid for a game subscription in order to play their online game. Due to technical difficulties, I am unable to play the game. Contacted customer service to request a refund. Staff denied refund, claiming that funds were taken in the scope of the agreement. Bottom line: they took money but...


Mar 01, 2011

I was looking at the various websites with a view to finding out about the Mayan. This company is absolute rubbish. My husband and I signed up a few years ago in Mexico, Cancun whilst on our annual holiday. The lies and pressure that we were under to sign the contract for a studio wa...

Runescape / Unfair ban


I was unfairly banned for apparently macroing, the ban was completely out of the blue as i have never macroed before, my account got hacked a few months back and during that time the person using the account could have macroed, i feel it is unfair in mamy ways, 1- i had been playing...

Bookworm Delux / Cannot Cancel my subscription


I have spent 2 hours trying to cancel my subscription and cannot. my order no was [protected]. I consider the game u/s and to easy and have tried to withdraw my membership. The game was Bookworm Delux, not using the English dictionary and U.S. words not same as English although I requested...