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I signed up for a three months subscription. Realised within less than an hour of using the course that it would not be useful. System neither builds vocabulary like Rosetta Stone, nor helps to learn useful everyday phrases like Pimsleur. Unfortunately the service does not provide sample lessons so you can decide before buying. I considered it a sunk cost and decided to let the subscription run out.

System automatically charged me for an additional three months. I asked for an immediate cancellation. Admin told me subscription was cancelled but they could not refund me for the three months renewal.

1. there is nothing on the page outside of the multi-page fine print terms and conditions stating that renewal is automatic. This is misleading business practice.
2. Renewal for three months is not standard industry practice. If it had been a one month renewal it would have been mildly less distasteful.
3. Customer service completely unhelpful.
4. Given what others on this site have written, I am not 100% confident I won't be charged again in three months, and if so, if I have any recourse short of blocking my credit card.

My strong impression is that Busuu's business model is not providing a language course, but borderline fraudulent business practice.

Apr 26, 2019

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