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I opened a can of Boddington's last night and heard a rattling sound as I took it out of the fridge. My wife and I assumed it was frozen and didn't think twice of it. we drank most of it and went to bed while watching a tv show. This morning as I picked it up to take downstairs and trash it, i heard and felt something again. Now, I was feeling uneasy and scared to see what was actually inside. A large object is inside the can and it's way larger than the opening of the can so obviously this was sealed into the can during production. We are feeling sick to ourselves wondering what we drank and how gross this is. I have the can in my possession if someone would like to investigate this. This is seriously gross.

  • Updated by Mike Kang, Jul 23, 2019

    tried uploading the video but I can't get it to work. here are some pics.

Jul 23, 2019

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