Budweiserbud light cans


I buy Budlight by the case in cans. It's what I prefer. I have been a loyal customer for 10+- years. For the last couple months (?) it tastes sour, like the carbonation has a tangy sensation to it, or "bite". Also has no head after pouring. Tastes like when I have tried to make my own with a cheap beer kit in a plastic container. I thought it may help you fix the problem if I sent a comment. After viewing this online form I noticed other similar comments. You guys are the "King of Beers", you are well aware of what has gone awry I'm sure. Cheaper ingredients? Faster brew process? All in the name of profit? You stand behind this new taste? So... do you ask for comments to better your product... or to find out what your customer will or will not put up with. Take note of Dominoes pizza, that's a big hill to climb. You were already at the top, why didn't you just stay there? I believe I will support Yuengling from now on, America's oldest brewery.

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