Budget Suites of Americawater leaks

C Sep 09, 2018

I have been staying here for over six weeks. About 3 weeks ago when it rained I had a leak through the wall. I reported it and the manager, a male was very nice and said it would be fixed, and gave me the option of moving to another room or giving me a couple of days free stay as that is the time it would take them to fix it. I stayed in the room but the repairs were never done. Yesterday 09/08 it rained very hard and this time the was water from different areas on the walls. Even water from the bathroom vent. I reported it same day 09/08. Today I went to speak with a female manager by the name of Tonya who was extremely rude from the moment I requested to speak with the manager. She had me talk to her while standing and keeping about 10ft of distance and I could not go over to her desk to talk to her like a normal person. I asked if she got the request and she said with an attitude "I got it, stay in the room and we will asses the situation and decide what to do"
that is unacceptable. I had someone from the company go there yesterday and he already took pictures. I clearly said that I want to move to another room and this person is telling me I have to wait until they asses the damages? I don't want any of my personal belongings to be damaged as a result of her negligence. I also tried several times to upload the videos I took but the files are too large and the system does not accept it if it is compressed.
I hope to hear from someone.


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