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11:16 pm EDT
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Bud Matthews Services account recovered

My vital email has not be function since yahoo have data problem 2016. My email is [protected] but my Account recovered email is [protected] but I did not have access to for long time. I want yahoo to open [protected] so that I can have access to it and also to add another account recovered and my mobile number. Please send all reply to my active email address [protected] Many thank for your urgent rely. Matthew

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6:08 am EST
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Bud Matthews Services Terrible repair company

I had problems with my heater and called them. They sent out a guy who was new to heating and didnt really know what the problem was. He recommended something like $600 in repairs to the duct system. I called them back and said I dont think that is the problem and if they could guarantee those repairs would fix the problem. They said they would come back out again, this time Bud Matthews came too. It took them awhile, but they came up with another problem to be fixed, it would be another $300. Bud Matthews told me there was no charge since this was a training session for the guy. Later on, he began to have an attitude with me and my wife because I had the audacity to ask if they could guarantee that the $1000 in repairs would fix the problem. Bud Matthews said they would call back later with the final, itemized estimate.

They definitely didnt appear to know what they were doing so I called another company. This other company diagnosed it in 30 mins. and it would be $300 to fix. I couldnt get the same confidence from Bud Matthews, they just wanted money. Eventually Bud Matthews called back after a long time, and said they had our part. What part?! I didnt authorize them to order anything for me. They said I and my wife say I didn't. Well, OK, then. They call back again later and say they were still charging $200 for 45 mins. of time. Yes, this is how much they charge, $200 for 45 mins. of training time. But only after you decide you don't want to pay for their unneeded repairs.

I asked to complain to Bud Matthews about this. He asked why I didn't want it fixed by them. I told him the main reason was their inability to diagnose the problem, wanting to charge in excess of $1000 for issues that werent problems, and of his attitude with me when he came. Well, I'll give you some of the highlights from our conversation, "I'm talking now", "You're starting to irritate me", "You aren't a customer" (so I dont need to be nice to you), "I want your credit card number now!" and so forth. Yea, real class act, this Bud Matthews guy. I told him I would report him to the Better Business Bureau for trying to charge exorbitant prices to come out here for a training session and for his complete lack of respect for the customer. Anyway, this is what you get with Bud Matthews. They don't know what the problem is in the first place, they will charge you for things that don't need to be fixed, they can't guarantee you your problem will go away and you will be repeatedly insulted by the owner of the company.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Overview of Bud Matthews Services complaint handling

Bud Matthews Services reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Jan 28, 2010. The latest review account recovered was posted on Oct 3, 2017. The latest complaint Terrible repair company was resolved on Jan 28, 2010. Bud Matthews Services has an average consumer rating of 3 stars from 2 reviews. Bud Matthews Services has resolved 1 complaints.
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