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Brylane Home review: Return Issue

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On September 13, 2023, I purchased an item with Brylane Home. Order Number: [protected]. I subsequently discovered a few hours after I submitted the order that I did not enter the correct discount code. I contacted the company on September 13, 2023. and was told they could not (would not) adjust the pricing on my order. That I could RETURN the item. That was their resolution to my problem."

"I am sorry in reviewing your order number [protected], the order has been processed for shipment and no changes can be made to the order nor can the order be canceled. If you no longer need the items your order can be returned using the Happy Return portal." Incorrect. Shows "contact customer service". None of this is sitting well with me. I saw, after the fact, others have encountered the same issue, where an adjustment is not made, even in the same day, as was mine. There are MANY coupon codes the company issues and it can be confusing. Returning would result in me being charged $10.99 charge, at minimum. On their website it states the different return options, one of which is the return shipping label. I saw two different ways a return shipping label was obtained. 1. With the order. 2. Online. (The site also states I can start a return online. When I attempt that option it states "contact Customer service", no means of starting a return online.) I could find neither. I contacted the company within a day about obtaining the label. I was aware I would now be charged $10.99 to return the item. This time the reply I received was that they would be "willing" to send me a pre-paid return label if I supplied (order information), which I did. Sep 20, 2023: (We’d like to apologize for the difficulties you experienced while using our site and thank you for taking your time in reaching with us today. We are also willing to process your return label for you to print it out by providing us with the following information:

Order Number:

Item Name:

Reason of Returning:

Refund Method:

Your refund through gift card is free. If you want your refund to sent it back to your original mode of payment, we have a processing fee of $10.99.)

Even though, they should already have this information. I was replying TO the order. Then the story changed AGAIN. I was advised I could not get a return label from them because it was a "happy return". ("Since your item is from Brylane Home, we can't process a return of your item to happy return. You really need to purchase your own shipping label in any carrier of your choice.")Which is a method of returning to a specific location, which I was not doing. It is right on the website as one of the options, to use THEIR return label and be charged the $10.99 fee.

(i. Print pre-paid shipping label and packing slip Nothing available to print. Packing slip was in box with item. NO shipping label.)

ii. Pack item securely, include packing slip and attach shipping label

iii. Drop package off at USPS office or USPS mail person

iv. Please keep your return tracking number for future reference

v. Processing may take 2-3 weeks, you will receive an email when completed.

vi. A $10.99 fee will be deducted from your refund when you choose to have your refund returned to your original method of payment)

I was advised I would need to return at my OWN expense, which as you can imagine is MUCH higher and a bigger hassle,as well. Cost alone in the range of $30. The complete RUNAROUND is what I am receiving and does not match what is on the site or what I was told with the "willing" to give me the label.There were four different stories on that: in with order, online, "willing" to sent me one, to no, you have to ship back on your own, at your own expense. Meanwhile, I did purchase a SECOND item, TO receive the discount. Prior to even receiving this initial item. I just want to return the initial item purchased as per their website states.

Desired outcome: Receive prepaid shipping label. OR Full Refund. For the inconvenience and significant difficulty I have experienced in dealing with this company.

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