Brookstone / Digital Photo Keychainnot compatible with mac!


For my birthday my children bought me a "my life - digital photo keychain". Apparently it works only with Microsoft and not with Mac. I e-mailed the company and asked if they could send software compatible with my Mac. I have received no word. I cannot return it because the kids bought it themselves and didn't keep a receipt. The fact is that it seems like a great product and I would like to use it. Brookstone has only to send software or trade the product to keep me as a happy customer...but they don't care. I truly believe that if a business doesn't care to please one customer, they will choose themselves over every other customer. This is very disappointing.


  • Je
    Jeffrey Heindel Aug 29, 2007

    I bought a Sona Pillow from Brookstone on the web. When I received it, I tried it out and it was horrible. It gave me a stiff neck, and my wife said I still snored. This was contrary to the ad. When I tried to return it, I was told they clearly state they do not except returns on personal items. This pillow is $129.00!! I bought it based on prior quality of items from Brookstone. I was shocked at their policy. This is a high end store in which I have spent 1000s of dollars. Even WalMart knows that a satisfied customer is a return customer. I am buying two Temperpedic beds. The last one I bought from Brookstone. Based on their policy on returns,not this time. My new company for similar items is Hammacher Schlemmer. Brookstone has lost me as a faithful customer. I hope thousands of others join me in changing with whom you shop when they do not exercise a reasonable return policy.

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  • Ma
    Matthew McKinley Sep 04, 2007

    Although I was told about the no return policy when I bought the pillow, I gave it a shot. I have found, after two weeks of use, that if I try to sleep with one arm under the pillow all night, that I, too, will have a stiff neck. Additionally, my shoulder will hurt from being stuck in one position. I'll give it some time, but right now, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

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  • Be
    Beau Lendman Sep 15, 2007

    I purchased the "buds" sound isolating ear buds from Brookstone for $35. I came in with my Iphone informing the store at Dulles Town Center that I was looking for ear buds for my Iphone and I was told these were compatible. When I got home and tried to use these ear buds with my Iphone, they did not work. I went back to the store and they refused to accept the return. Of course, there was no indication prior to the sale that these would not be returnable. I left a message at the Brookstone corporate message center for the regional manager. It's been 5 days but I've received no call back. On the back of the Brookstone receipt, it says that certain personal care items MAY not be returnable. I would not classify ear buds as personal care items. For such electronic type items where compatibility can be an issue, they should very clearly mark these items as not returnable. I realize that once something like this is used, it cannot be resold without reconditioning... but that's what they need to be prepared to do.

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  • Da
    David Divine Oct 29, 2007

    I'm sending emails back and forth now to Brookstone on the same policy. I did not see a sign in the store telling me that the pillow was non returnable. They are saying that it's on the back of the receipt (you get that after you purchase the product.. a bit late).

    Did you end up stuck with the pillow? I plan to call my credit card company next to dispute the charge. Has anyone had a better way to deal with Broookstone?

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  • Xm
    XMlabsisgoingdown Oct 29, 2007

    I bought a Brookstone MP3 Voice Recorder for my ipod and it doesnt work with ipod nano. There is no mention anywhere in the product description that it doesnt work with ipod nano. They only mention that it will not work with ipod mini, which is a totally different product. I tried explaining to customer service but she blamed it all on me. They will not refund my s&h charge of $6.00. Never again will I buy from this store. Should I call my credit card company?

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  • Da
    David Divine Nov 30, 2007

    I had the same issue with the Sona pillow. I didn't see any sign in the store about the return policy for this pillow and it's too late to disclose it on the back of the receipt because you can't even return it the pillow is unopened! I disputed the charge with my credit card company but that didn't work because they apparently believed Brookstaone that I was informed that the sale was final (I was not). I'm thinking about small claims court now. I can't see shopping at Brookstone again.

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  • Br
    Brett Dec 06, 2007

    Dear Ms. Rowe,

    Please visit the below URL to download the proper software for your Digital Photo Keychain. You may download the software and installation book which correlates to your operating system. Please note that the device is only compatible with Windows based PC's and Mac desktops.

    Please feel free to email us at [email protected] if we may be of further assistance.

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  • Jo
    Joseph Sampson Dec 09, 2007


    I had the same problem as we bought this product for our children to give to Grandma. I wanted to load the pictures and then send the keychain out as a holiday gift. I was going to bring it back but found your thread on this as well as Brookstone's reply which allowed us to download the mac application. The pictures are loaded and it was very simple. It's a neat little gift but they do need to correct this issue or they'll see a lot of returns on this product.

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  • Ka
    katie h Dec 16, 2007

    I got the keychain as a gift from my best friend and I went to install the software and it was corrupt or something and didn't work. I think found this thread!!! Works perfect now.. love this product!

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  • Gr
    Gregory John Allen Dec 22, 2007

    12/22/07 2:35AM (CST)

    Frankly, I am disgusted. My children bought me the Brookstone Digital Keychain as a gift for me, not knowing, and not being asked one way or the other whether or not I had a MAC or a WINDOWS computer. The staff should know that when dealing with ANYONE - and without exception CHILDREN! I now have a product that I have read forwards to back, and nowhere does it say it works with only Windows products. So, I tried for over an hour to load the super tiny disc into my monitor-side CD Drive, with failure each time. Now I have a Brand new iMac that has a non functioning CD DRIVE it will not eject the TEST disc I tried right after removing your inferior product! This is great considering that my son needs it each and every day to write musical scores for our 3,000 member's Sr. High - as he is the musical director. On top of that, he uses it to create the churches weekly Sound Blog that goes out over our computer, so this is NOT just a MINOR inconvenience!

    Since I got this as a gift, there is no receipt. And like most dealings with Brookstone, I am quite sure it will be just as unpleasant as all the rest, and I'll just waist my valuable time even bringing this to your attention. Someone must step up, and do the right thing, and take care of the customers as they would like to be taken care of, but I assume that was a day in the long lost past. Now I must figure out a way of getting the test disc out of the side bay before morning and it's 3:00 AM!

    Thanks, Brookstone

    Greg J. Allen

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  • Ja
    jason mangrum Dec 22, 2007

    Greg Allen - I was initially disappointed when I plugged the unit into my Mac and it didn't immediately recognize it. However, just like you did, I found this board and these comments. Unlike you, I noticed the web address higher up this page that has software for Mac for download. Also unlike you, I knew not to insert a mini-disc in a slot loading drive. Blame it on 3:00 a.m., but Brookstone actually came through in the above comment with a downloadble app for Mac. Get over yourself!!

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  • Ma
    Mark Robinson Dec 22, 2007

    Well said Jason. I was in the same boat as most folks on this board and was looking for Mac software for the Brookstone keychain. My wife and I bought this Brookstone keychain for my mother-in-law for Christmas and we took that chance that we would somehow be able to figure out how to get this to work with Mac. Thanks Brookstone for supplying the link and for selling these keychains that are Mac compatible.

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  • Di
    Dino Bart Dec 23, 2007

    I agree with first complaint but after reading through and finding link for mac software, I am now thrilled with this product. I have bought a total of 5 for family and friends.

    Very glad I found this site.. Thanks Brookstone for supplying the link and for selling these keychains that are Mac compatible.

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  • Co
    corky ellison Dec 25, 2007

    I downloaded the software on my mac pro could not load pictures from i photo would like some help it seems software is working for everything else but that.

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  • Co
    corky ellison Dec 25, 2007

    I also tried software on windows 2000 the screen is so big i can't acess the buttons on the bottom and can't drag edge to make it smaller looking for advice.

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  • Cr
    Crystal Hummel Dec 25, 2007

    I am also having the same problem with the screen being so big i can't see all the buttons to put the pics on the keychain... how do I fix this??

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  • Br
    Brad B Dec 26, 2007

    Common sense tells one that if the slot drive doesn't accept and
    "grab" the disc, don't force it in.

    The above link worked perfectly on my Macbook Pro. Software is installed.


    I am running into the same upolad image problem. Images are not "selectable" for transfer from iphoto or photobooth.

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  • Lo
    lorne cook Dec 26, 2007

    It's your own fault for not doing the research on the pillow. I know I would before spending 129.00. As far as it being a "personal item", would you wear a pair of underwear someone else returned? Me either. Think of the pillow as a pair of underwear.

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  • Ja
    jason mangrum Dec 27, 2007

    I wasn't able to upload directly from iphoto either. I had to browse through the "Pictures" folders. A bit of a pain admittedly, but i was pleased that the app at least did a preview of the files when going through that process. As an alternative, i used iPhoto to select the pics to transfer and then used the file export function to send them to a temporary folder on the desktop. I was able to go to that folder from within the keychain software and transfer all photos much faster.

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  • Ja
    Jay K Barker Dec 29, 2007

    I bought the Brookstone digital keychain for my wife for christmas,I installed the soft ware like the book said and the screenis to big to use you cannot find the options you need to send it to the keychain. This software is really not user friendly.what can be done about this?

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  • Sa
    Sara Hull Jan 01, 2008

    Forunately, we have a son who is very familiar with Macs. After almost a year of not knowing what to do with the digital keychain, I asked him to take it home and try to figure out the problem. This web site helped him, and now I have a keychain with some of my favorite photos (of grandchildren of course)!

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  • Lo
    Loretta Pellegrino Jan 02, 2008

    My son purchased the Brookstone digital photo keychain for me for Christmas. I have a windows vista system. I installed the software from the CD provided with the keychain. I opened the program, and it allows you to select the folder you want to download from. I clicked on "pictures" where all my pictures are, and the program immediately shut down. I disabled my virus protection as it suggests, same thing. I uninstalled the program and re-installed it. Nothing changed. I called Brookstone at the number on the box, they told me to go to and download the software from there. I did. Nothing changed.

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  • Th
    thom kinkade Jan 04, 2008

    Technically, nothing NEEDS to be said. That info is on the back of your receipt, and posted at the cashiers station. You could have always tried them out in the store before you bought them, genius.

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  • Pa
    Patricia Beetschen Jan 05, 2008

    I just want to know how to get to the bottom of the screen so I can upload the pictures to the digital keychain device. The screen is so large that it won't let me scroll down to the bottom so I can upload the pictures. Has ANYONE figured this out???? Please help. I don't know enough about computers to mess with any display settings on my own....and how come you can't "resize" this screen so you can get to the bottom of the page? This is really upsetting. I would love to use the product but I cannot load the pictures onto the device.
    Any help would be appreciated.

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  • Ki
    Kirk S. Jan 06, 2008

    To the posters who can't get to the bottom of the window: Have you tried increasing your display resolution?
    I am in the other 2% of the market and was given this keychain for my birthday. When you MacUsers complain about support, it gives me a chuckle, for nowhere at their website (according to Google) does the word Linux appear.

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  • Da
    David B Jan 07, 2008

    It's not compatible with Linux either. Why not just mount the thing as a normal USB drive? Then everyone could use it. Lame product, returning it now.

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  • Ar
    Archook Jan 09, 2008

    I tried to return a gift within 30 days of purchase with receipt, they refused to refund my money. Instead, they gave me a store gift card. I sent an email, plus a follow-up, to their customer services and never received a response.

    I will stay away from these guys. They are expensive, deceptive and poor customer service.

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  • Am
    Amanda Jan 13, 2008

    I have loaded the software from both the disc and website and when I go to look at the pictures from the photo viewer my vista program automatically shuts down showing there has been an error. Has anyone figured out how to fix this? HELP!!

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  • Na
    Nathan Beraha Feb 11, 2008

    I "borrowed" my mother's key chain to add photos from home. I thought the new Windows Vista system would be around long enough that developers would have developed special software for the key chain.

    The original version of the software failed miserably. I stumbled on the Tao website, and tried to download the 1/22/08 version of the new software. Even though it was labelled version 4.9, the install shield called it version 4.8.

    Installed, re-booted, and connected the key chain. However, any time I tried to read pictures from my computer, I received the following error "PhotoViewer MFC Application has stopped working.

    No response as yet from my email to Tao, and the Brookstone rep on the phone was totally unhelpful.

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  • Ch
    Christy Barnard Feb 26, 2008

    I am a bartender and a regular customer of mine gave me one of these for christmas. Unfortunatley the installation disk wouldn't work in my laptop for some reason. I searched and searched the net. And finally came across this website through a search engine. I'm loading pics now! Thanks to everyone who had this problem and shared I'm glad I found this!

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  • Tt
    t. thomas Mar 14, 2008

    i agree with lorne cook do your homework people!!!!!

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  • Ch
    Cheryl Apr 07, 2008

    I have a Windows Professional operating system. All updates have been installed yet I get the blue screen of death when I try to load the pics that I spent hours saving. So what is the point? The blue screen tells me to uninstall the driver and anything I recently loaded. I restarted my computer and every time I plug in the thing to try to load the pics, it starts the download and shuts down the whole system again! UGH!

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  • Va
    Vanessa Alves May 04, 2008

    I lost the CD that comes with the keychain. I´ve downloaded from TAO and everytime i start the program i receive a message saying: THE KEYCHAIN IS NOT RESPONDING
    I´ve already unplugged and plugget it back in, but i still get the same msg!


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  • Ke
    Kevin Thompson May 07, 2008

    I must say, I was glad to find this thread, though it's not readily available from the Brookstone site. Seems to me that most of the problems are due to the rather foolish inclusion of the mini disk for purposes of loading the necessary software. While I understand the cost/packaging considerations that likely went into this decision, with the preponderance of slot-loading CD/DVD drives out there in laptops and compact desktops, these are essentially useless.

    A simple fix would be to:
    1. add the website URL for downloads (that the Brookstone guy finally provided early this thread) ON an insert in the package;
    2: on that same insert, provide a caution that the mini-disk is ONLY to be used in tray-loading drives, this would have helped the fellow who jammed his iMac;
    3: finally, add the URL on the website under the product listing for the viewer. This is where I figured it would be and where I initially looked. The fact that it's made by a third-party company and there's virtually NO mention of that company in the supplied material makes it very hard to track down where you might get the necessary help.

    It's a simple fix that I would have expected a company like Brookstone to have thought of particularly AFTER having this original post made so long ago. Trust someone will take this into account.

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  • Br
    Brett Jul 01, 2008

    Hi all, we're currently reworking MANY aspects of our site to allow for greater support and a direct download of the software from We haven't had a lot of experience with driver dependent products in the past, thank you for bearing with us. Currently our server and service provider can't support the traffic but hopefully everything will be on the right track in the next few months. I'm glad so many of you found the advice helpful and I'm sorry the issue wasn't resolved immediately by phone when you had called. Again, if you need support you can email me directly (using the link above) or contact [email protected] Don't forget to keep your eyes peeled for these changes - I think you'll all be in for a pleasant surprise.

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  • Km
    KMP1124 Jul 30, 2008

    I have been trying since January to get a refund for some merchandise bought for Christmas gifts. The first couple months they told me they were backlogged with returns. Then they started telling me they had my return but were still backlogged with processing. then finally was told my refund would be coming soon. and now suddenly they say they never got my return. Which is b*ll, they verified more than once they had it. if they had at least said no and sent it back i might have tried to sell it, the items were pricey (not that there was any reason for them to say no!). some of the representatives i spoke with were pleasant but some were among the rudest and least helpful i have ever encountered. I do not recommend anyone purchase from Brookstone.

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  • Jl
    JL Aug 05, 2008

    We actually believed the ad and purchased the Sona pillow. My husband still snored and what's worse is that after only sleeping on it for 2 hours his neck was stiff and he had a terriable headache for the whole next day.

    Where can I find research on it?

    I doubt that Brookstone pays more than $5. for this product since it's made in China.

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  • Br
    Brett Sep 13, 2008

    You may download the Brookstone version of the software and drivers from the following URL.

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  • Mi
    michael wray Nov 09, 2008

    I had the same problem with this keychain viewer. I put it in a drawer and didn't even bother returning it.

    This past weekend I found a COBY keychain viewer on clearance at Sears. I bought 3 of them. It came with a mini-cd that I couldn't use on my lap top. I found the software online and downloaded it for my Intel based MacBook Pro. It installed perfectly and worked great with the COBY keychain.

    I though I would then try the software with the old Brookstone. IT WORKED PERFECTLY. So dig out those old Brookstone viewers and go to the COBY website and download their software.

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  • La
    Lacey Feb 18, 2009

    OK...eewwww! Earbuds not personal care items!!!??? Come on. You have to realize how ridiculous this sounds. Do you want to put something in your ear that a stranger has already put in theirs? Of course not! It is digusting! Think about a doctors office. You would be grossed out if they didn't use those protective papers over them!!

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