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I own an older house that is mostly restored and is on the National Registry of Historic Homes. My daughter’s room was in need of new flooring, so I called Britt’s to give us an estimate. When their employee came out I showed him exactly where the problem area was and told him it shouldn’t be walked on. He tested it with his foot and said, “Yeah, it’s pretty soft.” It wasn’t three minutes later when he tried to walk across that very area and his leg went right through the floor, leaving a square-foot hole in the middle of the room.

At that moment I didn’t think it was a big deal because we were going to have to fix the floor anyway. But I didn’t hear back from Britt’s with an estimate, so I called them two days later. It was then that I realized that they weren’t even going to call me back. I was told they were not going to do anything about the flooring or the new hole. The store manager, James Boyd, essentially hid underneath his desk the whole time. He didn’t try to talk to me or explain the situation. He didn’t offer an estimate or a solution. He didn’t have any intention of calling me or discussing anything. He just tried to avoid me. I thought, “What kind of business hires someone of this poor caliber to run their operations?”

The answer to that question became perfectly clear when I talked to Boyd’s supervisor, Jamie Britt, who is apparently the owner. Britt made Boyd seem like a paragon of virtue, which is a little like saying Boyd was the tallest midget. Britt was hostile from the start. I explained the situation and asked what we could do to solve the problem and he responded with, “Ya gat ta do wut ya gat ta do, ” suggesting I should go ahead and try to sue him. Most Americans would have needed subtitles to understand his enunciations, and he was having difficulty stringing two coherent sentences together. I could practically hear the banjos from Deliverence playing in the background.

I asked if he thought this was a good way to do business and he told me in broken English that if I bought him out I could run the business in a more reputable fashion, but this was the way he did business. Britt soon hung up on me, and I’m guessing he then ran back into the barn to hide for the rest of the day.

So I never got an estimate and now I have a large hole in the floor in my daughter’s room thanks to Britt’s. I thought the integrity of the floor was the issue, but came to find out the integrity of Britt’s personnel was the bigger problem. If you are looking to hire incompetent bumblers of questionable character, Britt’s is definitely the place to find them. If you expect to do business man to man this is not the place to go. If you do make the mistake of hiring them, you’d better hope there are no problems because they will run away before you can blink an eye. After reading other reviews, it appears that they have a pattern of providing poor service and then ignoring customer concerns. Don’t let it happen to you.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Jun 08, 2011 9:07 am EDT

I felt obligated to respond to Mr. Cuevas post since he chose to question the character of Britt's and myself. His post left out several important facts.
1st-Mr. Cuevas did not hire Britt's (our company will come out and measure for all types of floor covering free of charge and always have-since 1972).
2nd-Our Sales rep had a conversation with Mr. Cuevas the next day(not two days) after visiting his home.
3rd-Our sales rep advised Mr. Cuevas that we felt he needed a true carpenter to patch the soft spots in his sub-floor, upon hearing this Mr. Cuevas stated he would get a lawyer and sue us if we did not fix the hole where our sales rep fell thru his defective sub floor.
(I have 15 years experience in management, 8 of those with a fortune 100 company, standard procedure when someone threatens legal action you cut off all communication with that party-reason being further conversations are used to bait one party or the other to fuel a suit)
4th- Mr. Cuevas called me on Friday (two days after our measure) and asked why we were running from the problem? I told him again this type problem with his sub floor was better served with a true carpenter and I also confirmed that he had made the statement that he would take legal action. I told him he would need to have further conversations with one of our owners, after giving him the number he proceeded to hang up on me.
5th-We received a letter from Mr. Cuevas boasting about posting all over the internet and that he hoped this would stop customer from buying from us and directly hurt our company. Needless to say this hurts the associates employed at Britt's and the families we provide for.

We do not deny that our sales rep (who is 5-10 and 175 lbs soak and wet) fell thru Mr Cuevas Sub floor while stepping forward to extend his tape measure. Mr. Cuevas floor was defective when we got there and defective when our sales rep limped from the home. Even after telling him our professional advice that on this situation a carpenter would be better, he wanted to threaten us with a lawsuit.

I am truly sorry Mr. Cuevas feels he was ignored, being a small business we pride ourselves on good customer service and honesty, thats why we advised a carpenter. Our customers word of mouth is our advertising and thats how Britt's generates customers and puts food on the table. I am also sorry that some individuals in our country feel they can threaten and sue their way thru life. When these individuals don't hear what they want they personally attack others, insulting everyone that may have a southern accent or has a barn at their home or even persons small in statue in the process. I can't really begin to understand why a Educator in our local school system would want to set that type of example to others not to mention the youth as a way of handling situations in life.

Those of you who know Britt's and me personally will take this post for what it is.
Those of you who do not know of us and have questions or concerns about this post do not hesitate to call me personally or stop by our store.

Best Regards,

James Boyd

May 16, 2011 3:53 pm EDT

Mr. Cuevas,

My name is Matt Britt, the owner of Britt’s in Monroe. I was out of town last week, so I apologize for missing the opportunity to talk to you and discussing your flooring problem. I understand that my sales rep, Roy, fell through your floor while measuring the dimensions of your daughters room. Thankfully Roy was not hurt during that fall, and unfortunately your old and soft floor developed a hole. I also understand that you informed Roy that the floor was very soft and old and that he should be careful while measuring your daughter’s room. It’s very unfortunate that Roy fell through your floor because it was soft and very old and he stepped in the wrong place. I’m very thankful that my sales rep, Roy, did not get injured during that fall. I understand that you are blaming us for your problem that you now have in your daughters bedroom. I really wish I had been here, you see, your expertise is teaching Language Arts at Newton County High School, mine is dealing with people who have problems with Britt’s and take upon themselves to bash others they don’t know on the internet and pretending they were the calm ones. It disappoints me when I see someone in your position degrading other human beings, and for what, an old and soft subfloor that your daughter has been living on. Thank God it was Roy and not your daughter who fell through. Don’t get me wrong, you have every right to bash my company, but why attack people personally, that’s just immature in my eyes. I’m fine with you posting your opinion of our store online, that’s your right. Let me quote you, “I could practically hear the banjos from deliverance playing in the background.”, “incompetent bumblers of poor character.” Is this what a teacher of your caliber is expected to do, I don’t think so. Britt’s has been giving thousands of dollars every year to our local schools since 1972, please respect the people and just bash the company. Next time remember, as soon has you state that your getting a lawyer and your going to sue, the company is advised to stop all conversations with you. This is what business lawyers advise the companies to do, so don’t threaten next time and it might work out better. I do apologize for the whole situation and how my employees may have acted, owners don’t enjoy problems. I hope that you can find it in your heart to take the personal attacks off the internet, just bash Britt’s please! “Tallest midget” really, it was funny, but not necessary! Thank you.

Matt Britt
901 N. Broad Street
Monroe, GA 30656


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