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When I inquired about a financial aid-related matter, the financial aid representative that spoke to me was being rude and offensive. She had a hostile tone in her voice, was not courteous, and did not clear up the matter whatsoever.

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      Jun 01, 2010

    While you claim the FA worker was rude, I could play Devil's Advocate and state she has probably heard the same question asked 50 times this month and it's only the 1st. I've seen and heard some of the interactions between students and the advising office - most of the questions could have been answered if the student had read their respective handbooks. Before the age of search engines, we actually used the table of contents and index to find answers, and only asked questions if our specific situation was not addressed.

    Students will sit on their laptops and cell phones to update their Facebook and Twitter accounts every spare chance they get, but why bother using the Internet for actual research? That would make too much sense.

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