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This is single handedly the most incompetent group of people working on cars! The only thing they do day in and day out are brakes, so you would think that they would be well informed and know everything there is to know about brakes. This is clearly not the case. I took my car there on 4/8 for brake pads and new front rotors. I paid $429 for this job. I left and when I got to my first red light, I noticed that my pedal was going all the way to the floor (which is an issue that was not an issue prior to arriving at Brakes 4 Less that morning). I went back and spoke to Dave, the manager. He said he would have his best tech look at it. His "best tech" told me that he drove the car and the pedal goes to the floor but it stops, so there is no joke he said that. I explained again that the pedal is going all the way to the floor. I was again told that the pedal going to the floor is NOT AN ISSUE! Luckily my father was there, and he explained to them that they must not have done something with a bleed screw which ended up messing up my master cylinder. I was told that they would replace the part on Monday free of charge. I left with plans to return Monday. As I left, I noticed 2 big greasy finger prints on the interior of my car. On Monday when I arrived, I was told by Dave that he didn't have time . I work full time, so I had taken time out of my workday to drop my car off and I had to arrange for someone to pick me up. I explained this to him and he basically told me oh well I can't do it today. He then told me he could just refund me my money. I agreed to that, and I honestly didn't want them doing anything further to my car anyway. He told me I would be receiving a check in the mail...which never came. I called the corporate office twice and was told someone would call me back, but they never did. I called the third time on Friday, 4/28 and spoke to Trent who says he is the regional manager. I explained everything that happened, and he assured me that he would refund my credit card on Saturday and agreed that the Asheville store is incompetent and they need to come here and address the issues because this was the 2nd complaint on that same store that day. He assured me he would call me Saturday once it was processed, but he never did. I called again today, Monday 5/1, and was informed by a Jessie that they were not refunding my money and the choices I had was to either let them replace the master cylinder for free or I could bring them back all their parts (pads, rotors, pistons, etc) and they would refund me. I don't know where they learned to run a business, but this is not the way at all! You are much better off to buy your parts and take it to an HONEST, COMPETENT, LOCAL mechanic and let him do your brakes. You won't save any money here because these ### don't have a clue what they are doing and you will spend more money and time trying to fix their screw up! The manager Dave will also sit and talk about you to the other customers instead of supervising the ### he has working under him. Total rip off and I plan to let everyone I know to not go there! They don't know what they are doing and they are a bunch of liars!

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