Box Office Ticket Saleschicago il theater tickets

J Dec 05, 2019

This company is an absolute scam. I purchased 3 tickets for the Nederland Theater in Chicago a few days ago, today I received and email stating that my "refund was approved" for my tickets. I received a separate email stating that they were not able to fulfill the purchase due to my billing information. I verified my billing information was correct and decided to call their customer service. I was transferred 3 times to get back to the automated answering service, 4th time was a charm. The man who answered by the name of Hazel was initially rude off the bat. I could barely understand him and he was getting annoyed that I kept saying "I'm sorry I couldn't hear you." His explication was that he... SOLD THEM TO SOMEONE ELSE. I was utterly confused with this statement and he went on to say "the way that it works is that there are HUNDREDS of people around the world who look for tickets and we cannot guarantee that you will receive them when you purchase them. The person that bought it had their credit card go through so we gave it to him." Excuse me? So their line of business is selling-a-ticket-to-multiple-people, -whoever's-card-get-swiped-first-wins mind set. That is NOT a business, that is not smart, that is not right. Hands down the worst experience I have ever had. Do NOT utilize their website or any of their services. Absolute garbage.

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