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I am writing to address a concerning matter regarding my recent reservation and subsequent charges for a stay at the Grand Oasis Cancun. I booked a package with your company for $360, expecting it to cover all expenses, but I was later surprised to find an additional charge of $739.02, which was not disclosed in the initial package.

The additional charges were purportedly for "Resort taxes and fees for that all-inclusive experience," amounting to approximately $185 per person. These charges allegedly included all food and drinks, including alcohol, as well as gratuities for the trip. However, I was never informed about these extra costs during the booking process or in the package details.

I understand that unforeseen charges can sometimes arise during travel, but it is essential for customers to be transparently informed about these expenses in advance. Failing to do so creates a sense of deception and dissatisfaction with your services. Given the lack of disclosure, I believe it is only fair to request a full refund of the $360 I initially paid for the package.

I was initially offered a partial refund of only $100, which does not adequately address the issue at hand. I kindly request that you reconsider and provide a full refund of the $360 as a matter of urgency. This action will help restore my confidence in your company and demonstrate your commitment to fair and honest business practices.

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