bnsfnight time horn overkill

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Parallel to the residential street and righ along side two extremely busy gasoline fuel stations the railroad operation of empty rail road storage of empty container sections which are continuously paraded at night with a horn blowing at max output sound are with total disregard for the need of residents for a quiet restful night of sleep. Ironically 75% of the affected residents are homeowners who work early morning to midday shifts in which it is thus made a near impossible task to get a good night of sleep.


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    Mrs.Glomchit Aug 21, 2018

    On Fremont Ave crossing at Galesburg, Illinois, part of the track was fixed with wooden board and all the screws are showing off, every time I drive by I am scared that my tires will blow up and I will get stuck on the tracks.I wonder if you guys will fix that before an accident happens.

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