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Hey everyone out there who has been had and who has had enough of Bluegreee, I have a lawyer in Charlotte, NC willing to file a Class Action suite. We will need as many people as possible to join our cause. I was lied to as everyone else was about Bluegreen buying back the timeshare if I was unhappy or couldn't afford it. As all of you know, that is a big fat lie. I went to an owners convention in Winston -Salem, NC a few years back and at least half of the people there had complaints but just like every other time I have tried to get things resolved, there was no won there with any authority to do anything and of course they had never heard of buying back the timeshare.

Well it is our turn!!! The lawyer I am using said he would require some money up front to get started but not much. The exact amount I don't have yet but if you read my earlier message, the more we have involved the less we will have to put up. I don't know about you but all I want is out of the contract. No refund, that money is just gone. Chalk it up as a lesson learned in life but I can no longer afford this thing because I am on disability retirement. They don't care so that is the reason for the Class Action.

Please contact me a [protected] with your contact information and I will forward it to the lawyer. He can then get an information form sent out to everyone as soon as he can get the addresses set up.

I hope to hear from many of you.


  • Lo
    Lord Mankinholes Apr 11, 2008


    Money upfront?

    Now thats a scam if ever I saw one

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  • Ro
    ronaldpack Jul 18, 2018

    @Lord Mankinholes I am in the class action lawsuit, ronald pack 914-364-4615. the biggest scam and mistake in my life!

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  • Sa
    Sandy Paugh Jul 18, 2019

    @ronaldpack I would like to know if there is an open class action law suit I could join.

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  • Cn
    CNK007 Jul 22, 2019

    @Sandy Paugh I am also interested. Please advise.

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  • Sc
    Scamblue Oct 14, 2019

    @ronaldpack [email protected] I want to join class action

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  • Sc
    Scamblue Oct 14, 2019

    @Scamblue I want to join the class action lawsuit

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  • Ji
    Jim McGator Oct 26, 2019

    @Lord Mankinholes I also would like to join a class action lawsuit against Bluegreen Resorts. Who do we contact?

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  • Br
    Brenda48 Oct 31, 2019

    @Lord Mankinholes I hired my own lawyer just to terminate my contract and debt. Honestly the time this class action shows results I will have paid the timeshare off.

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  • Sh
    Shelly Apr 24, 2008

    My husband and I have been trying for two years to sell our Bluegreen Timeshare thru an additional timeshare buyer company.
    We have only used our timeshare twice it is a huge joke!! We are so over their increases in the maintenance fees and their excuses with the rental arrangements each time you try to book a room.
    We never were able to use the cruise or gas vouchers that were part of the scandal in the beginning due to all the red tape and hidden expenses.
    We would love to take part in a class action suite because we are tired of paying for something that we can never use.

    Lonnie and Shelly

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  • Re
    Rebecca HELP Dec 07, 2017

    @Shelly Hi Shelly! My name is Rebecca and I work for a consumer advocacy group where we specialize in helping people who have been taken advantage of, like yourself, get out of their timeshares. If you still need assistance in getting out of your timeshares you can contact me on my direct line at (949) 535-2536

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  • An
    Ann Marie Jun 03, 2008

    Bluegreen just kept promising more and more stuff... a "free" cruise, tickets to disney, free food at all the resorts, etc...

    Any other business would also check your credit history — no other person on the planet would give me a loan but bluegreen will... every year I get locked out due to the ever rising maintenance fees... I want out...

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  • Re
    Rebecca HELP Dec 07, 2017

    @Ann Marie Hi Ann Marie! My name is Rebecca and I work for a consumer advocacy group where we specialize in helping people who have been taken advantage of, like yourself, get out of their timeshares. If you still need assistance in getting out of your timeshares you can contact me on my direct line at (949) 535-2536

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  • Jo
    John Bond Jun 24, 2008

    Our maintence fees have been the same for three years, we have points every other year, but maintence fees are due every year even if you don't use them.

    This was not explain to us in our meeting that was supposed to have last for 1 hour, which last for 4 hours.

    We attend another timeshare meeting saying Bluegreen was a rip off. What I would like to know will I every have 1 week deeded to me when I pay my points off.

    The other company Summer Winds
    tried to buy me out from Bluegreen & even went so far to put a broker on the line to ask me what I needed to get out .

    This was really confusing, all me & my husband wanted was a nice place to take our grandchildren to every other year.

    Do you sell, what do you do? Will the points ever go up to where you would have to buy extra?

    How do you get out of something like these?

    Need some feedback

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  • Re
    Rebecca HELP Dec 07, 2017

    @John Bond Hi John! My name is Rebecca and I work for a consumer advocacy group where we specialize in helping people who have been taken advantage of, like yourself, get out of their timeshares. If you still need assistance in getting out of your timeshares you can contact me on my direct line at (949) 535-2536

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  • Ch
    cheryl Oct 14, 2008

    My husband and I also have a timeshare and we would love to sell or just stop paying for it but cant, can anyone give us some advice?
    They are taking the money right out of our account and we dont know how to stop this
    Please we need help.
    Thank you

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  • Da
    Daisey Clover Jul 29, 2017

    @cheryl Close your banking account.
    Open another account in another bank.

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  • Re
    Rebecca HELP Dec 07, 2017

    @cheryl Hi Cheryl! My name is Rebecca and I work for a consumer advocacy group where we specialize in helping people who have been taken advantage of, like yourself, get out of their timeshares. If you still need assistance in getting out of your timeshares you can contact me on my direct line at (949) 535-2536

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  • Hi
    Hi1de Apr 04, 2018

    @Daisey Clover Hi Daisey,
    I am curious if this is possible? They told me that my account will go into delinquency. Also, the account may got locked out or eventually foreclosure if they cannot collect the money...

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  • Ro
    RobinAnn Collins Nov 04, 2008

    Get in touch with your local Attorney General in your home state. Tom Corbett (The AG in my state) has just as of Oct.14, 2008, filed a major lawsuit against Bluegreen and it's four parent companies. They state in the suit that they have "scammed" more than 5, 600 Pennsylvanian's out of thousands of dollars. When enough people complain they are forced to investigate. And when they look into the business dealings of a company such as Blueshit (as I refer to them) then they will know that something has to be done to stop these thieves in their tracks.

    They have had so many lawsuits filed on them or about to be filed that they will most probably go bankrupt within the next couple yrs.

    Here is an abbreviated version of the suit but, beware- when you read it-it will force you to re-live the nightmare known as ... Bluegreen.
    Here goes:

    :HARRISBURG - Attorney General Tom Corbett today announced lawsuits today against four Florida-based companies accused of illegally marketing vacation packages, using "free" airline ticket offers and other worthless prizes to lure consumers into aggressive and deceptive timeshare presentations.

    Corbett said consumer protection lawsuits were filed against Bluegreen Corporation, Bluegreen Resorts, Bluegreen Vacations Unlimited, Inc. and Great Vacations Destinations, Inc., all of Boca Raton, Florida. Bluegreen contacted consumers by phone and through kiosks at shopping malls, fairs, and festivals throughout Pennsylvania, and also operates full-time sales facilities in Hershey and King of Prussia.

    "Virtually any consumer with a checkbook and a pulse allegedly qualified as a 'winner' in these promotions, " Corbett said. "Unsuspecting consumers who believed they were contest winners were actually drawn into a high pressure bait-and-switch campaign designed to push timeshare vacation packages costing thousands of dollars."

    Corbett said more than 5, 700 Pennsylvania residents purchased Bluegreen timeshares, with many paying $20, 000 to $40, 000 or more for packages that violated Pennsylvania's Consumer Protection Law, the Real Estate Licensing and Registration Act, the Telemarketer Registration Act and other consumer regulations.

    Phony Prizes
    Corbett said that Bluegreen representatives allegedly called consumers who believed they were entering contests and other promotions promising cars, cash and vacations.

    According to the lawsuit, consumers were told that they had not won the "grand prize, " but had been selected to receive other items, like free airline tickets. Consumers were also promised free gasoline and meals when they collected their prize, if they attended a 90 minute timeshare presentation.

    Corbett said the lawsuit alleges that consumers who were contacted by Bluegreen were not actually randomly selected prize winners. Instead, virtually everyone who entered the contests was contacted and falsely told that they were a prize winner.

    In one case, Corbett said a consumer informed a Bluegreen representative that the person they were trying to reach did not live at that address. The consumer was told that it wasn't a problem - they would give her a prize too.

    High Pressure Sales and False Advertising
    Corbett said that in order to collect their "prizes, " consumers were required to schedule an appointment with a Bluegreen sales representative. In some cases, consumers who believed they would be attending a 90 minute timeshare presentation were actually subjected to relentless marketing pitches that lasted five hours or more.

    According to the lawsuit, numerous deceptive statements were made to consumers during these presentations in an effort to get them to sign contracts immediately, including phony claims that prices would increase the next day, misrepresentations about when and where consumers could travel if they made a purchase and false statements about certain fees being waived.

    Corbett said that some consumers bought vacation programs because they were told they were entitled to a one-week stay in Hawaii, only to learn afterward that the program they purchased could not be used in Hawaii.

    According to the lawsuit, consumers who sat through the timeshare presentations received "prizes" that were nothing like what they had been promised. The "four free airline tickets" were actually booklets that offered two airline tickets with each hotel room reserved, at high prices, in a limited number of cities. In some situations, consumers were required to commit to a 10 night stay at overpriced hotel rates before being able to select a local airport for their flight.

    Corbett said "free" gasoline and meals that consumers were promised turned out to be coupons or certificates with lengthy terms and conditions. For instance, consumers who were promised $40 in free gas were required to submit written requests to obtain a series of gas coupons. The coupons required consumers to pay for their gas first and then mail a receipt for reimbursement, with each coupon limited to a $5 purchase, with no more than one purchase per month.

    Illegal Contracts
    Corbett's said contracts used by Bluegreen failed to properly inform consumers of their right to cancel their purchase. Pennsylvania law requires that consumers have five days to cancel any timeshare or campground purchase. Bluegreen is also accused of violating a state law that requires all consumer contracts to be written in easy-to-understand terms.

    Do Not Call Violations
    According to the lawsuit, Bluegreen made numerous calls to consumers who were on Pennsylvania's Do Not Call list, allegedly basing those calls on referrals from other customers. Additionally, the companies are accused of making repeated calls to consumers who clearly told them not to call again.

    "Bluegreen took advantage of hardworking Pennsylvania residents eager to find an affordable getaway, " Corbett said. "Using deceptive contests, relentless sales presentations and misleading contracts, consumers were pressured into paying thousands of dollars for vacation packages that don't meet their needs or their budgets."

    Corbett said the lawsuits seek restitution for consumers who suffered financial losses because of these deceptive or illegal practices.

    Additionally, Corbett says the lawsuit asks the court to void all illegal consumer contracts and give consumers the right to cancel any agreement that did not include the state-required notice of cancellation.

    The lawsuit also seeks up to $1, 000 in civil penalties for each violation of the Consumer Protection Law, or up to $3, 000 for each violation involving a senior citizen.

    The lawsuits were filed in Commonwealth Court, in Harrisburg, by Senior Deputy Attorney General David Sumner of the Attorney General's Bureau of Consumer Protection.

    Corbett says the investigation began after consumers contacted his office to report these practices. He encouraged other consumers who have problems with Bluegreen to file a complaint by calling the Attorney General's Consumer Protection Hotline at 1-800-441-2555 or submit an online consumer complaint. LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD-NOW!!!

    Stir up any horrible memories??


    Please remember that you can file a complaint with the BBB. However, you must keep in mind, when doing so that the BBB is a paid-for endorsement. Companies pay hefty fees to be included on their list of "ethical businesses". So, essentially an endorsement from the BBB means VERY LITTLE. But, then again, if enough people complain and actually follow-up with them (you have only so many days to do this and then they close the case) they will also be forced to give the co. in question an unfavorable report.

    The bottom line- THERE IS POWER IN NUMBERS PEOPLE!! Let your voice be heard.
    File today without delay.
    Best of luck to you and yours. hope this helps!

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  • Mi
    Mike Mar 17, 2009

    BlueGreen used decepetive practices to get us to buy. They offered us free cruise vouchers that we could easily use for a cruise thru Italy for our Honeymoon. Didn't happen. Plus they offered free airline vouchers that we tried numerous times to use but couldn't. They also had a bogus chart that listed them as the #23 company on the Fortune 500 companies. That was a complete lie. Lastly we agreed to buy at $22, 000 and then when we got in there the forms were written up for $23, 000. When I said we weren't buying ath that amount, they said that if we didn't buy now than they would take the offer off the table and we wouldn't be able to buy again for another year because of marketing practices. My wife was upset and said we had to do it because we were close to our wedding date.

    We went thru the Bloomington, MN BG office. Some lady with Spiked hair helped us out. She Madoff with our money. How is this business still operating? Let me know where I can signup to get my money back.

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  • Am
    Amy Apr 12, 2009

    Anyone from MI filed a complaint with the Attorney General or BBB? I need help to get out as I am drowning in a sea of bluegreen debt. email me at [email protected] and lets start getting out of this together.

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  • Mi
    Michelle Carswell Jul 24, 2009

    My parents are having an awful time with this "Bluegreen" company. I wish there was something I could do to help them out. Thay want to get out of this horrible mess so badly. They've even tried selling it with another company but got scamed in that as well. "Century-21" promised to have it sold within the first year of advertisting it but it's now been 5 years and still nothing. They've complained to me before that they are never able to stay with them. Their maintance fees keep going up and I believe it's up to somewhere around $700 and with prices like this and the economy going down and gas prices going up who can afford to save up money to go on vacation. If there really is a class action law suit or someting I can share with them please let me know. Contact me @ [email protected] with any information that will help. I hope this isn't a scam as well. Thanks...

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  • Ma
    Martha M. Weaver Sep 10, 2009

    I agreed to an upgrade and have been paying a monthly fee for that. I was told that I would be helped to rent the timeshare out. When I called the rep for help, I was blown off and told to contact Blue Green. I still didn't get any help. I am continuing to pay a maintence fee for something I have never used. I don't think I really need to help "maintain" something I haven't used. And, now I have had a phone conversation with their collection agency, Pinnacle, and that is even worse than dealing with Blue Green. The supervisor blew up at me for making a mistake and told me that they would access all the fees and interest they could for "my mistake" rather than trying to work the issue out with me. I just want out of something I don't plan on using.

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  • Na
    NATTHULL Nov 20, 2009

    Please help us we are a military couple that have a deed to the harbour lights vacation community in myrtle beach, sc. we have never been able to use our bluegreen ever even on my husbands return from deployments - bluegreen can never offer us what we want... we are in financial hardship as we have a terminally ill mother who lives with us and is foriegn and has no insurance whatso ever and is unable to be claimed as a dependant thru the military. bluegreen do not care or have any compassion what so ever to help us, even when we were financially stable, we started to notice their ploys and schemes, I should say scams and we wanted out... but funny enough your stuck payment maintenance fees for a place you can never get what you want - I want out please tell me if anyone is trying to take action against bluegreen in myrtle beach sc... we need that extra $254 and then we find out if you dont use your points after 2 years they are voided... that is shameful and a scam - I iwsh we could go to the media - somewhere please help us - we are a middle class one income family with a terminally ill mother and my husband has served 4 terms now overseas mostly the middle east and we are sinking slowly into hardship and we tried our hardest yesterday to seeif bluegreen would help and of course they dont care and dont want to know and straight out said go ahead take legal actions against us it wont get you anywhere we will just end up garnishing your wages (we are stationed in florida now after he last one year term overseas) they just are pigs and I want the world to know not to use bluegreen

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  • Mi
    Michelle Carswell Oct 26, 2010

    I just want to know if anyone has been offered any help in this matter! I would really love to help my parents out in this issue which seems exact to everyone elses complaints. It's Malibuchick89 again, I'm here to find a way to and talk with someone that has already filed a class action suit against this awful company for there misleading information.

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  • Dt
    dtwright Dec 29, 2010

    Bluegreen owners beware. I am attempting to sell my timeshare through the company THEY recommend. I learned today that I've lost my Charter program because I dropped my price below what Bluegreen wanted me to sell. They have informed the resale company that if we sell for less than $1.25 per point we lose our Charter membership. No nothing, not a letter or phone call nothing. I have attempted to contact the company headquarters... No such luck, no one has a contact number or person that you can call. I will not recommend Bluegreen to anyone.. indeed I want to join in the Class Action Lawsuit.. please sign me up.

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  • Li
    Lissa Karch Jul 18, 2019

    @dtwright Yes please send me information to sign up. I have been lied to by them and continue to find out nothing is as they made it out to be.

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  • Gu
    Guerry Phillips Feb 10, 2011

    I am with you all, we have been lied to. cheated on increasing maintenance fees and unable to use the units.
    Sign me up

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  • Bl
    bluegreenscam Apr 28, 2011

    I've started a Facebook page in the hopes of starting a class action lawsuit like the one in Pennsylvania. Were you lied to at your sales pitch? Join the movement to get a class action lawsuit going.

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  • Ra
    Ray and Mary Owen Feb 23, 2012

    I cant say anything that has not already been said. Please help. Mary Owen

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  • Mj
    mj1954 Mar 26, 2012

    Anyone in Alabama in on this lawsuit? I want in on this one, Bluegreen sales people should go to jail.

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  • Sr
    Sreneehilt Aug 25, 2018

    @mj1954 In Alabama and want out too!

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  • Ca
    Capstar Jul 17, 2019

    @mj1954 In Alabama, too. What a nightmare!

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  • Bi
    bippy52 May 09, 2012

    My husband and I would like to joing this class action lawsuit. BlueGreen has lied to us so many times. Our maintenance fee increased over 4 times. They keep sending us bills for 3 different addresses. When we tried to sell it back via the company they work through, it sat on the market over 2 years and when I called to inquire about why we're paying all this money to have it sold, the woman was SO INCREDIBLY ignorant and rude. She stated, "I didn't tell you to sign the contract, that's your fault!" Then the other guy that called our home over 5 times EVERY SINGLE DAY AND NIGHT (including weekends) says to me, "Look, yaw' the ones with the problem, you owe us, I'm just trying help YOU so you need to help me by stop arguing and just pay me! Then he says, "you can avoid us all day, we "ain't" goin' away till you pay up. Then says, "that's whay you get for signing the contract"! These people are horrid and unprofessional. How can we join this class action lawsuit, please? [email protected]

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  • Bi
    bippy52 May 09, 2012

    BlueGreen told us we could sell the property through Pinnacle. That was a lie. BlueGreen told us the property was a tax write off-That was a lie also! They told us the maintenance $30, it went up to $900 after the first year!! We kept trying to use our points and they stated that we didn't have enough, (no matter where we wanted to go) and that we had to pay for more points. The representative gave us his "personal cell" number to call if we had any problems. We tried to call him 2 days later and the number was not in service.
    They call our home every single day, called my husband place of employment, called my job, they call our home everyday all the way up until 11pm. I told a representative at BlueGreen via phone that we've been trying to sell this property for 2 years now and asked why we haven't has one single interest and she stated, " that's not my problem, I'm not a counselor". They debited our account so many times that we had to stop payment and shut the account down. They were charging all types of misc. fees on top of maintenance and the regular monthly fee for something we never got to use.
    Please include us on this lawsuit!!! Thanks-

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  • Ra
    Ray and Mary Owen May 09, 2012

    How many people with bluegreen timeshare will it take to stand up to these people so we can GET OUT of this burden? Ray and Mary

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  • Ma
    magnoliamomma Jun 02, 2012

    We are also very dissatisfied and have increasing bills related to BG purchase. Have very similar issues such as being told one thing and finding out anther. We were approached about BG through the Bass pro Shop in Daphne Al and we live in Mississippi. I am sure there are many in our area who did the same thing. Our life has changed since the purchase and we are not able to travel as we had hoped. So far we have not used the purchase but have paid faithfully. We want to get rid of the BG albatross and realize we will be out the money but at least we will be out. To think what could have been done with the money we have put into BG towards travel, home mortgage, etc... Please let us know what the status is of any class action suits or any advice we can use to get free from this disaster.

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  • Ly
    lylejns Jan 22, 2013

    my wife and i have had this burden, 5 yrs, we never got to use the cruise we where given. we have never used our vacation, there is never anything available, without an 11 month window, and that's only during certain months, they have been auto debiting our account the payments and fees are killing us. we want out, and bluegreen should be closed and charged with fraud!!!

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  • Ra
    Ray and Mary Owen Jan 22, 2013

    This has not been useful because I have read comments that started in 2008 and at this point I am very concerned that nothing can be done about these people "blue green" so we can get out of this contract. [email protected]

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  • Wb
    Wboone51 May 07, 2013

    My wife and I bought a points timeshare from Bluegreen a few years ago. Until this year we have paid our maintenance dues on time. We paid in full for the timeshare at time of purchase ($12, 000) and owe nothing but maintenance fee. As we tried to use the timeshare we discovered that finding an open slot was not easy. We then discovered that Bluegreen wanted us to buy more points to make it possible to book. After several years of this we decided to sell. Bluegreen suggested Pinnicle as the only legit place to do this. We paid Pinnicle a small fee to sell the timeshare and never heard from them again. Turns out that Pinnicle collects for Bluegreen on outstanding maintenance fees, etc. I wrote a letter to Bluegreen advising them of my wifes cancer problems and my health concerns and asked to be released from my contract since I had paid in full at time of purchase. Bluegreen sent a letter to me saying they were sorry for my financial problems and suggesting I try to sell. I was scammed by a timeshare sales out of Florida and lost over $1000 dollars. As it turns out Bluegreen sent my account to a collection agency which turns out to be Pinnicle. There are thousands of Bluegreen timeshares on the market but no one buys. You can't even give it away. Pinnicle called me today wanting to collect payment for the Bluegreen maintenance fees. I intend to fight this to the end.
    W. Boone
    [email protected]

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  • Ap
    AppleMan999 Jul 01, 2013

    I want in on this. They lied to me and my wife as well. I tried using a mediation firm on the internet. Turns out they were a scam too. The state of Texas is taking them to court. I've have enough of Bluegreen. I am paying more for maintenance fees than I am to stay at their resorts without using them at all!!!

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  • Ri
    Rickvea Oct 18, 2013

    I purchased 7000 points with Bluegreen in 1999. The pressure to purchase was unreal. My mortgage with them was paid off several years ago, but I can never use my points. There is never anything available; or it is high red and I don't have enough points. It 's one reason after another. Also to carry over points they now want you to pay $35. Why should I have to pay to carry over my points that I already paid for? Now I have retired and cannot afford the maintenance fee for something I can never use, plus they have gone way up in the past two years. I was told if I purchased more points I would be able to book whenever I needed. Also there are special perks for people with more points. I don't need more points I just need out of this nightmare. [email protected]

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  • Sz
    SZLeach Oct 31, 2014

    I have been trying to get out of my timeshare with bluegreen for years. This year has been the worst as my husband was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure. Our medical bills have piled up and bluegreen has us on autodial to harass us for any late payments. Please help. Would like to know if anyone has successfully gotten out of their timeshare or any lawsuit name lists I can add my name to. Please let me know. Thanks. [email protected]

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  • Sc
    Scarlettt1 Feb 25, 2015

    There are people who are willing to assume your Bluegreen ownership if you own it free and clear...Offer it on Ebay...

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  • Di
    Diana GTexas Dec 09, 2015

    I'm from TEXAS, bought a vacation plan in Orlando Florida. I was told I was only going to this orientation for 90 minutes however; was there for over 4 hours. I felt pressured to buy and was told couldn't book vacation until 60 or 90 days after purchased. After waiting period, rooms were never available. Free points were given to us in addition to the ones we bought. Everytime we tried to book a room to use free points there was not any available. We lost the free points because we did not use them. How could we with no rooms ever available? Have been trying to sell timeshare as well but no luck. Very unhappy with Bluegreen!

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  • You only had to be there 90 minutes, you stayed over 4 hours, that was your choice. You felt pressured to buy, but the bottom line is you chose to buy..I've been a very happy Bluegreen owner since 2006 and have never had a problem reserving what I want, because I book 11 months out. I have also used my free points. I have met hundreds of other happy Bluegreen owners at various resorts. You need to read all the FAQs on the Bluegreen website and learn how to use what you chose to purchase.

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  • Ji
    Jim Horton Feb 04, 2016

    The attorney general in North Carolina was worthless in getting any help. All they did was forward my email to them on to Blue Green and asked them to respond to the email. Blue Green responded back saying that they would take back the property at no cost to let me out of the obligation. I paid $ 10, 000 for 4, 000 points every two years. I could give it back to them with no cost back to me, after I paid them $10, 000. There is something really wrong with this. But the attorney generals office in North Carolina is worthless and no help at all.

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  • Ls
    LSBar Mar 30, 2016

    They are using your activity on your online account to change rates (seasons) and points and also make it impossible for you to use your paid for points. Total scam. I've tried to sell only to lose money. We are trapped. Only if you have the time to carefully plan your vacation 11 or 12 months out can you use this. And you have to do it when you see it, otherwise they use your activity and hold you hostage, jacking up rates and points and increasing seasons arbitrarily. If I would have booked last night, I could gave used my full value points at a resort. I needed to check with a friend, when I went back tonight, suprise, resort is now high red and I don't have enough points... The rep I called tried to tell me I was crazy and I was lookiing at different dates last night. Not. Scam scam scam. They need to be put out of business

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  • De
    Derrick Ellington Jun 09, 2016

    Same here!!! Couldn't get in anywhere with the 6000 points they sold me. So when We went back to complain and sell it back, they told us "you need more points in order to book 13 months out". Well STUPID me bought the silver plan of 20, 000 points and now over a year later, we still can't get in anywhere desirable.

    Please help ASAP our money is just being stolen away!!!

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  • Ya
    Yasmin Williams Sep 13, 2016

    We bought from Bluegreen in 2012. When we purchased we were told two things that were absolute lies. First, our yearly maintenance fee would be in the $200-$250 range. It is actually $625. Second, when we were second guessing purchasing, we were told that if the time comes that we no longer want the timeshare, Bluegreen would buy it back. Not true. Since the purchase, we only use it for a couple of days at a time since there is never any availability. We paid this off in full in the first year and want to get rid of it. Feel stuck. Help.

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  • An
    Angieak Sep 14, 2016

    I am interested in a class action suit as well. Same story as all of you. No booking dates available I never have enough points. I have 19, 000 it says. They want me to pay $35 to save my points before I can book next August. Was told to plan ahead and book ahead. Everything is booked for the next 11 months. I am told be flexible use hot weeks. I have a job. Who can afford Air fare at the last minute. What a nightmare. Complete scam lied to from day one. My lure was a free week that I had to pay $100 and mail within 60 days. Yeah didn't know that til 90 days later at my orientation scam that was supposed to be an hour and was over 4 hours of a high pressure sales pitch. Also got approved for thier credit card which was maxed at $1000 for the down payment. I'm out $3100 in down payments. Consulted an attorney will cost me 9, 000 to get out of the obligation. And I will be out 13k. And I just bought in May. But I thought they were adding to my existing mortgage instead it was a whole new mortgage so it's twice as much for the attorney to fight it. I'm just sick over this I never dreamed I would have this happen

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  • Ib
    IB of SC Oct 18, 2016

    There seems to be an enormous amount of families that have have been taken advantage of by Bluegreen and I'm sure Bluegreen feels that there isn't anything we can do about it, but we can. Over the past 6 months Congress has held hearings to address consumer issues of being taking advantage of. Over the summer the cable companies were called in and held responsible for misinforming and ripping off consumers. Last month Wells Fargo was called in for their acts of fraud. Bluegreen needs to stand before them as well. Take the time and write and call the representatives in your office, flood their offices with calls and letters and make something happen. I too am a Bluegreen owner and I dare not say that with pride, but with grate disappointment instead.

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  • Bl
    Bluegreen is a scam Feb 14, 2018

    How is it fair that i could pay for a room through priceline, hotline, kayak, choice hotels etc. because they have availability, but yet i cant book the room through bluegreens with my points?! This is such a ripoff scam!!!

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  • Ko
    Korpley Jun 13, 2019

    I'm a bluegreen owner and all I could say is exactly what everyone here has said. I'm going through the same struggle with Bluegreen and it seems like they been ripping people off for years and everything is still the same. Please include me in any lawsuits. [email protected]

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  • Pi
    PissedMamaof7 Oct 01, 2019

    Our 7 children were forced to go without food for more than 9 hours!!!

    We were told it would be a 45 miute-2 hour max presentation but it went on and on. We initially decided to purchase the 10000 point package, and they began processing the applications. We then informed the agents at 12 o clock that our 7 children were alone in the hotel room and had not eaten breakfast since we had checked in late that evening and the presentation was early the next morning thus we had no time to feed them anything other than the popcorn provided in the room, before attending the presentation that morning. They insisted it would only be another 20 minutes or so but it dragged on and on. Finally about 4 pm we were in the process of closing the sale with the agent upstairs doing the recorded line and we came to #14 I think it was which stated that we must agree no one had guaranteed that bluegreen would repurchase or sell the timeshare on our behalf if we later felt the need to sell. This was directly contradictory to what we had been led to believe and when mr. Joseph alami told us that if we later wanted to sell there was a simple $49 fee and that they would sell it for us we understood that to be a guarantee, as they had repetitively insisted they sell many of these packages each day and thus it would be "no problem at all" if we should choose to do so later. He even went as far as to tell us it might take up to 90 days to resell. We felt at that point that there was no risk to us, this being the case as if we were dissatisfied with our purchase, or were financially strapped in the future, they would be able to resell it for us for just the $49 fee. Upon being asked to agree that we had not been guaranteed this we were furious, we felt we were purposely deceived, and had been at that point kept from feeding our children for almost 9 hours, always being told, "oh this part goes really fast, oh they are typing it up now it is going to be really fast just 20 more minutes over and over and over!!!" at that point we informed the closing agent that that was directly contradictory to what we were told and that we needed to go to our children who were probably badly worried since we told them it would only be maybe 2 hours, and they were very hungry, they insisted we wait for mr. Alami so they could 'clear this up' but as we waited we got angrier and angrier. No one seemed to care about our children (or ourselves for that matter!) being left with no food all day, no one offered to so much as phone the room for us, or send food to the room, no one offered us anything to eat ourselves, only soda drinks were offered. It was terrible and I believe we could probably actually sue you for this conduct which bordered on forced child neglect. We have never ever left our children for 8 hours without food and if we had not been being pressured and goaded into 20 more minutes at a time we would have never done so of our own volition! Our children were in tears and famished upon our return! I felt like a terrible parent, and all so bluegreen could hook us!!! Upon leaving we gathered some of the paperwork they had given us initially and later I saw beside our name that we had been signed up for the tour with hook and there was a guest below us whose name said "no hook' beside it, and that finalized our total and complete disgust with your company! That is exactly how we felt hooked... How dare you try to pitch how blue green vacations cares about making it affordable to spend time together as a family while forcing us to be separated from our 7 children for hours, all to turn a profit on us!!! This was a terrible terrible experience and to be honest I plan to at the very least share my experience with as many forums, online and offline as possible, as well as to consult my attorney to see what a lawsuit against your company would entail as we were completely dehumanized by your sales hook! Insisting we only had today to sign or we woudl lose this amazing opportunnity!!! Shame on you!

    2. To add insult to injury, we were promised a $25 bass pro shops card upon check-in when we signed up for the package but were denied this incentive at check-in and told by a customer service agent that it was because more than 30 days had elapsed between when we signed up for the package and when we booked our dates. No one had informed us that we needed to book within 30 days to receive the incentive! It was a mere 34 days between when we booked and when we purchased and yet the rep on the phone insisted she could do nothing for us. So that was a classic bait and switch.

    I read about a class-action lawsuit against them in 2016 filed by kyle and jasmine miles for basically the same things except there were no kids involved... We are sooooo ready to join or start a new class action suit!

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  • Fi
    Finnucci5 Oct 25, 2019

    This sounds like my experience to a T. Three kids sitting watching tv as aN amenity for 6 hours starving since our meeting was at 11 and finally after purchasing the sampler at 5 pm we could leave! Wasted our entire day and my birthday to boot! Manager gave me his card and number told me call in 3 days told us we could use the sampler for any school holiday or vacation LIE! Have 9000 points I can’t use and I’m pist! We are a family of 5 growing to 6 and my wife killed herself scrimping and saving so we could go away for Xmas or thanksgiving priced airfare things to do etc and NOPE can’t use the points the day before of or after a holiday! I’m done and they have terrible customer service and it’s all a scam we bought in threw bass pro shop who broke they’re contract and ties with them this past year due to they’re tactics! Is there still a class action I’m allll in! I have every piece of paper they presented to us every payment option plan the vacation book none of which your allowed to take but they left us locked in this room alone so many time we cleared the table into the diaper bag because it didn’t all sound on the up and up!
    Please email if there is still an open class action. [email protected] I didn’t have a 1000 dollars for the sampler and especially don’t have it to just let go to waste since the points are going to just expire since they won’t allow me to use the points!

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