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Please help. I am in the process of being scammed and I'm hoping that you can help

me before it's done.

I have been working with Blackbear-ecapital for a number of months now. I asked them right from the beginning if there were any costs to withdraw my funds. They said NO. It's been going well and my trading account balance is now just over $100,000. I asked to withdraw $80,000.

Immediately I get an email supposedly from Here's the email. I can get the raw data if you need it.

On Monday, November 6, 2023 at 10:53:14 a.m. EST, Team wrote:

Dear Brigitte Synesael,

Our system has detected that you have made a 2.339587 BTC ($80,048.12 USD) deposit to your Blockchain wallet:

In order to approve the transaction to your BTC wallet, you have to transfer a refundable security deposit of 12% ($9,605 USD) to a neutral wallet.

Security deposit is required so we can review all your past transactions and determined there is no illegal activity been made.

The security deposit will be returned to you in complete.

Your funds are currently being held by the Blockchain and we will not be able to hold them for more than seven business days.

If the security deposit is not made on time, the money will be returned to the sender and 6% of the amount will be deducted as a fee for the transaction cancelation.

The Blockchain security deposit (12%) must be made to the following wallet BTC address:


Once the security deposit will be completed, we will approve the transaction and the funds will be transferred to your BTC wallet.

*The security deposit will be paid back within one business day from the first transaction.


Blockchain Financial team

Now in checking out the Blockchain website, you don't even do business with Canadians (I am Canadian). Everything I read online says that there should NOT be this kind of charge to withdraw your bitcoin.This is a clear indication that you're being scammed. I actually spoke to a man named Alex (don't know his last name).

Blockchain seems to be a reputable company. My guess is that this "Alex" is a fraudster pretending to be from Blockchain or using a Blockchain account to defraud others.

He continues to insist that I pay him $9,000 US dollars (Canadian equivalant is over $13,000). I don't have $9000 to give him. They are clearly holding my investment for ransom. Isn't that illegal?

I told him that I would try to get a payday loan. He thinks I'm waiting for approval on that.

This is a very poor reflection on and on bitcoin. It's things like this that the word "fraud" is synonnomous with Bitcoin. Responsible companies are losing a lot of business because of it. Nevermind the fact that I am a senior, and they have now stolen all of my retirement money.

Can you shed some light on this please? Even better, can you help me withdray these funds?

Persistency and consistency is the key to all success.

Keep Smiling, Brigitte Synesael

Claimed loss: My trading account balance is $107809.29 US.

Desired outcome: I would like to withdraw my funds without having to pay a refundable security deposit of 12% ($9,605 USD). Which I understand is NOT supposed to happen. Only fraudsters do that.

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Susan H Berkeley
Susan H Berkeley
New Mexico, US
Nov 13, 2023 8:56 am EST
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This is quite relatable and painful at the same time. Even though these investment companies have been BLACK LISTED they still find their way trying to scam people who invest their hard earned money.

April this year was the eye opener for me. All conversation went smothly until I tried to withdraw and it became an instant red flag.

Later on I got to find out that this is a common tactic that they use on unsuspecting people.

I immediately complained on our neighbour hood group chat to know if any of the fellow wives comitte could help.

I’m glad they pointed me to eco bansecur ities .io. I submitted all evidence and communications with them. Thankfully within a week I was able to get all my funds to me.

I suggest you do the same.

Samantha Munroe
Samantha Munroe
, US
Nov 13, 2023 9:11 am EST
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These is actually a huge relief to see that there is a way to get the funds back! This is helpful information for a lot of people.

St. Jérôme, CA
Feb 03, 2024 2:25 pm EST
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Did you have any development regarding your situation since? I am in the same situation now.


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