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CB Cryptocurrency CFA has taken money but no transaction to my wallet review: CFA has taken money but no transaction to my wallet

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Prior to this I was scammed by a company Asai Markets who took over £180,000.00 from me since mid March 2023. The CEO, Joel Anderson, decide to move my withdrawal after taking so much and made me totally bankrupt.

Adam Schlisman, CFA of, requested £3100 to be paid for approval of transaction on 25th August 2023. Then he asked for £1000 for completion which I did. Then he requested on 26th Aug for another £1000, £500, £500 and £600 for transaction to my bitcoin wallet. Then he had the audacity to come back to say bitcoin keeps cancelling and to pay £1200 for ETH for approval and I know he will ask for more and will come back and say it did not work. It is his fault and I expect him to cover the fees. I am totally broke and cannot afford to buy a meal, forget anything else.

I have also told Adam Schlisman to use the money from my wallet.

I expect the board to cover the fees as a goodwill gesture and send the bitcoin to our chosen wallet to help cover my debts and get my family back to normal life as soon as possible.

Desired outcome: I expect the company to pay for the transaction to my chosen wallet asap.

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