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Blair Rewardsunwanted charge


I purchased once online from the canpany, and then I found $14.95 unwanted monthly charge. I don't know why and how this campany charge this. it 's incrediable. And they don't let me know how to cancel it. I have to cancel my card to end this monthly charge.


  • Pa
    Pamela Sines Dec 05, 2012

    Why am I getting a monthly charge for $14.95? I am not paying it so it better stop and I better get remibursed.

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  • An
    antshrike Sep 28, 2012

    There was never any mention of a charge. I thought I was entering information to expedite future orders. Then I get a charge for 1.95 and another for 14.95. What fool would knowingly sign up for this? Let's get the word out about this dishonest company.

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  • Ba
    Bank statement charge Jul 24, 2012

    I keep getting a 14.95 charge to my bank from Blair Rewards. I would like this to stop.

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  • Sa
    sahtdks Feb 28, 2012

    All of you act like you don't know how this every happened to you, it's read to you after the order is placed on phone orders and after the order is placed online a screen pops up. In order to have this placed on your credit card after you are done with the order you are asked to put in the last four digits of your phone number, they have it on file and the phone call recorded so it's all legal people. So get your lawyers, bbb, and have a ball, you have been recorded and your phone number recorded for this to happen!!! I wish they could play back your orders and show you that you did sign up for it! DUH!!!

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  • Tl
    tlshon Jun 01, 2011

    yes i used blair rewards also after i purchased something i was supposed to get my 25.00 check with the magazines i waited almost 3 months never got nothing they kept lying to me i cancelled the membership me and my husband spends a lot of money with blair but no more!! they are no good liars greedy over money i sent all my paperwork in and receipts but that's ok they will be punished for all the wrong they did to people i will report to the bbb and get my lawyer on this beware new customers don't get involved they are scammers!!! shon

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  • Jh
    JHORA Sep 13, 2010

    blair123cs: You are full of BS. Today I went on-line and ordered something through Blair. 1) I was able to place an order with a canceled credit card. 2) I was able to order it with a bogus name different from the one on the card. 3) I was able to ship it to an address that was different from the billing address and

    4) When I finished the order I was prompted Save $15 on my NEXT ORDER by providing my e-mail address and my zip code. I read the scree carefully and there was no mention of any charges. I read the Terms & Conditions and there was no mention of any charges. I then submitted my e-mail address and zip code and BOOM, I was signed up for this program. AND on the confirmation screen THERE WAS NO MENTION OF ANY CHARGES!!!

    So I SAY BS, when you say read/listen better. YOU, if you work for this company YOU ARE [censor] OF THE EARTH!!! Blair Rewards BILKED over $200.00 from my 80 year old father. This is pure deception at the highest level.

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  • Ai
    airdale May 01, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My wife was duped also. We received our credit card statement and as I was going thru it I found a charge from Blair Rewards for $14.95. I asked my wife if she remembers checking a box to join a Blair Rewards program. She replied that she did not remember doing that.

    We will call on Monday morning to cancel this program. To pay a $15.00 bill for something that is absolutely worthless to us is a hard pill to swallow.

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  • Me
    Meouse Apr 29, 2010

    hi, i found that a $1.95 charge was on my debit/credit card, one which i didn't authorize. I called blair, they gave me the Rewards program # [protected]. A nice woman named anna, helped me and the credit will be back on my card in 7 days (working).
    this was my resolve maybe this can help you to..

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  • Je
    JEAN W Mar 07, 2010

    I had this happen to me also!! I will be calling first thing in the morning to get my money back. I cannot afford this monthly charge.Thank you all for your comments they have been very helpful to me, and I am sure for other's.

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  • Bl
    blair123cs Feb 18, 2010

    When placing an order, Blair Rewards is something that is offered at then end of the order. You have to very information to sign up for the rewards program, phone orders must enter last four digits of phone number & web orders must verify name and email address. The Blair Rewards is $1.95 to try it for the first 30 days. If you read or listen it is explained that after the 3o day trail, unless you cancel it's $14.95 billed money. No point in calling Blair customer service as they do not handle this program. You have to call the number that is listed on your credit card statement,


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  • Lo
    loohoo Feb 10, 2010

    Yes, Mr. Blair is certainly being rewarded with his "Blair Rewards". Not only was Blair collecting $14.95 a month from my checking account, but they have also been billing my credit card. I was in 2 rewards clubs at once. Keep in mind that I only have one name and one mailing address. You would think someone would notice that. They stopped taking the money from my checking account last month. However, they seem to think they have card blanche on my credit card. Now my credit card company is going to take back the last 6 months charges from I finally get the rewards.

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  • Fr
    freeaftr30 Nov 17, 2009

    I, too was duped into paing 14.95 per month through Blair Rewards. Has anyone had success in recouping this money? I saw this on NBC Today Show and they suggested going to State? Attorney General. Has anyone gone this route?

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  • Cw
    Cwinger3 Oct 23, 2009

    I too have been getting charged $14.95 for the Blair Rewards program, but I did authorize the company to do so. I called the Blair Rewards number, [protected] and spoke to Mary. I wanted to find out exactly what I was paying that much a month for, since I never recieved anything in the mail. She was quick to apologize and immediately cancelled my subscription and gave me credit (which I verified with my bank) for the one pmt. of $14.95. Try that number and see if it helps..I hope you all get what you ask for...good luck

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  • Sc
    SC Blair purchaser Oct 05, 2009

    I placed an order with Blair and I got this email for $15.00 coupon, and called the number on the Blair Rewards Catalog that was sent me. They charged on my Visa $1.95, and I called the number shown on my Visa Statement and they told me that the $1.95 as for a 1 month trial period. They said nothing until I asked if there were any additional charges, and the lady said thee was a $14.95 charge next month unless I canceled this month, which I did. No mention was made that this charge would continue. This Blair Rewards is handled by the Encore Marketing Co. and their phone number is [protected].

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  • Ma
    Martha House Aug 09, 2009

    I, too, have been taken for that $14.95 for three months and do not know how they are taking that from my account. I ordered one time and this is what I get???? Never again. I am calling in the morning to cancel whatever this is and get my money back, if possible. what a racket!!! M. House

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  • Bc
    B Clark Jul 17, 2009

    I too had the same thing to happen when placing an order with blair for my mother in law. I saw the billing $1.95 and thought nothing of it, but then I received a charge of $14.95 and knew that I had paid the account in full. I contacted Blair to insure there would be no further / future charges to my account.

    The service rep was very nice and agreed to remove the charges, but had asked if I remembering ordering, No, I do not.

    I worry that if this was an easy charge to get past consumers, that my elderly mother-in-law would have a harder time getting this corrected. I will definitely tell her to watch out for this scam in the future.

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  • Bl
    Blair Rewards Charge Jul 17, 2009

    Blair Rewards is chargeing a charge of $14.95 that I did not sign up for. I want it refunded and the charges stopped!!!

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  • Kt
    kthrun Jun 13, 2009

    How do I get rid of this annoying unwanted and un asked for charge

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  • Gp
    g profaizer May 19, 2009

    I got nailed with the $14.95 charge also as well as $1.95 the previous month to try the program. However, my experience was a little different from many. I called the phone number listed by the charge on my credit card statement and the customer service rep. was very gracious and polite and is going to credit back my account and take me off of the program. I don't know how I ever got into the program in the first place and time will tell if the credit happens but I have her name, so I will continue to call if it doesn't get cleared up.

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  • St
    Stix Apr 23, 2009

    Admittedly, working on the phones for a government agency, I talk to a lot of people who miss something on a letter or notice we send them...but I sure don't remember seeing anything in the Blair Rewards stuff I got that talked about a $14.95 MONTHLY charge for the rewards program. I only buy from Blair maybe once a year!!

    At least their customer service rep at Encore Marketing [protected] [email protected]) was very nice and was able to cancel out my membership and is refunding the $14.95.

    Needless to say, it's highly unlikely I'll be buying from Blair in the future.

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  • Ja
    Janice Van Wilgen Apr 21, 2009

    i too was charged 14.95 on my credit card for no reason at all. Have not purchased anything from Blair in years and have no idea what good the Blair rewards program is for...How do they manage to get your credit card number and get by with doing this..I am peeved!!!

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  • Sc
    Scarlett Moon Apr 16, 2009

    They may be working with Encore Marketing...this happened to me through Newport News. Here is my registered complaint with phone number information...My suggestion is to phone Blair and ask for a supervisor; upon reaching one you should ask if they are associated with Encore Marketing and follow the advice below. I did not use foul language however the point must be put across that you are MORE than unhappy about this situation. I hope this helps...

    A daily check of my bank account revealed a $14.95 debit from 'Insider Pass'. Having no idea who or what that was I did an internet search. The charge had come from a third party associated with Newport News called 'Insider Pass', what I assume is touted as a discount club. I had never signed up for anything although I had placed a credit card order with Newport News in October...this is April. I have clicked on many of their links to view their catalogue...does this justify an unauthorized charge by a third party to my credit card? I think NOT!

    After a quick search I found others to whom this has happened. I was outraged!! As I was on hold with Newport News I kept reading complaint after complaint about these companies.

    You must call Newport News and very angrily ask for a supervisor. You do not reach a supervisor, you reach 'Robert' who speaks on behalf of management; who speaks over you and tells you that 'Insider Pass' is a third party; who after much angry cajoling agrees that Newport News is associated with Encore Memeber Services - Insider Pass; and then you are given the number for Encore Member Services - [protected]. You must angrily ask them to remove and refund your charges. They then give you a confirmation very official however 7 - 10 business days to refund your account so we'll see. I've also opted out of Newport News email list and will NEVER buy from them again!!! Who do they think they are?

    Telling me that Encore is a third party...associated with Newport News...Encore Member Services had to get the credit card number from somewhere!!


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  • Mr
    Mrs. E. Griggs Apr 16, 2009

    I, too, was charged for Blair Rewards that I didn't sign up for. I remember a come-on via a pop-up at the end of an order I placed back in Oct. I started to complete the info asked for until I found there was a $14.95 charge each month, so stopped before I completed it. I didn't notice for a couple of months that it had been added to my account because I had other charges that I had made and didn't check it carefully enough. I realized it when I got a bill for just the $14.95 and I knew I hadn't ordered anything. I had to make 4 phone calls before they finally credited the amounts back to me on this month's statement, which, by this time amounted to 5 charges of $14.95. When I received my March statement a couple of days ago and I did have a new charge on my account for something I ordered on 3/19 and the balance turned out to be only $13.04 after the credits, they then said my account was overdue! Blair has just lost a good customer.

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  • Ja
    JamesK Apr 03, 2009 has destroyed its reputation by doing this crook charge.
    I will never ever buy from this website again. Too dangerous.

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  • Ma
    Marguerite Mar 30, 2009

    UPDATE: I just called Blair Rewards [protected] Encore Marketing) and talked to a very pleasant young woman. She is cancelling my membership--no problem.

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  • Ma
    Marguerite Mar 30, 2009

    When I ordered on-line from Blair, there was an option to join "Blair Reward" - thinking it a free option for possible points for shopping, I said why not. Then there was a $1.95 charge to my debit card. Surprised, I didn't dispute it, thinking it was for the Rewards--and wishing I hadn't fooled with it. Then yesterday, my husband was monitoring our bank account and asked what the $14.95 charge to Blair was for---now I am angry--it was a charge for this Blair Rewards. The "welcome letter" from Blair Rewards did not mention any fees at all. Now, the $14.95 charge. I am calling the [protected] Rewards number just as soon as the 9:00 am hour is here to CANCEL. I want nothing to do with Blair, and will never order anything from them again. I feel "bad."

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  • Ji
    jim810 Mar 21, 2009

    I just found out that I am being charged for this so called service also. I talked to Blair and they said that it is coming from a company that is not associated with them and something about it is for discounts on something or other. I to my knowledge have never received anything in the mail or otherwise about this but apparently started getting charged this after I placed an other to Blair online several months. I was given a phone number of [protected] to dispute these charges. Its all news to me! I will be calling them Monday 3/23/09

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  • Li
    lilbrat Mar 20, 2009

    I was charged as well didnt request it Not happy with blair i never requested to be signed up i cant afford to just give them 15 dollars a month for nothing

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