BJ's Wholesale Clubtire buying and installation

Gk Sep 29, 2019

I order 4 SU tires September 18th. I had an appointment Tuesday 24th and no tires where delivered. came in next day with an appointment to have tires installed. Wednesday 25th and filled out all the paperwork to have tires installed and left my car at BJ in Warrensville OH. I was then called 15 mins later from the tech stating the tires where not delivered AGAIN. after taking the day off work and dropping my vehicle off and filling out all the paperwork! Then was told a manager would be in contact later that day. no one called. I then called Thursday sept 26th and spoke with a manager name jimmy. he said that only 3 of the 4 tires arrived and that he would call me either way at the end of the day to give me an update. NO ONE CALLED. it is now Sunday September 29th. I had to call AGAIN and spoke with a manager Greg only to find out the 4th tire is somewhere in another state. manager Greg stated he would call me back Sunday to figure out tire install. I have been riding on a spare tire now for over a week. everyday I drive on the spare my all wheel drive is not active and im worried its going to break an issue that im going to have to fix on my dime since its not a full size spare. I cant even put my kids in the car that im worried the small spare is going to blow out. No one has any idea of where 1 tire is. No one has even ordered and replacement or offered a discount for the time lost.

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