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Br Aug 31, 2019 Review updated:

I had some bottles which NYS has charged me, 5 cents for each bottle and there machine doesn't accept the bottles and any bottle recycling machine in NYS has accepted my returns. So why is that store charging me for a bottle if the machine doesn't accept the bottle. Also when I wanted to get my money for my refunds BJS policies state that the customer would need to provide a BJS receipt for bottle redemption which that is so absurd.

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  •   Aug 31, 2019

    It's not the store that's charging you it's the state. The store, by State law, must charge you this deposit.

    You can buy them in bulk at Costco and BJ's but you will most likely have to redeem them at stop and shop or somewhere.

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  •   Sep 01, 2019

    Many stores sell soda and don’t take back the empty cans and bottles. It’s a courtesy that they provide but isn’t necessary to be part of the return network. Find a supermarket or bottle return center and then get your nickels back. My dad drank Diet Pepsi and had at least ten six-packs of empties to return. Also the big bottles and sometimes the small bottles. He’d bring a big bag to the recycling center and come back in an hour. Or mom would return them and wait as a small store was next door.

    All money went into a big jar and after a year they’d bring it to the bank. Roughly three hundred dollars ($300) a year for returns and they kept it as mad money. As a family we’d go to a store and buy things that we wanted but didn’t need. The three of us found things that we wanted and the first year we bought a used refrigerator from a friend. Two years old but it didn’t match their new kitchen. We’d buy frozen and long-lasting food that was on sale or new to the store. Our dog had frozen food from leftovers and could be treated special just like us!

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