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D Jul 20, 2018

I currently live in helena, mt. I decided to donate plasma and created an account online, and after doing so it gave me three location options to choose from. I chose the missoula location as I am more familiar with the town. Not at any point in scheduling online, getting a reminder call 24 hours in advance, or when I spoke with someone this morning 07/20/18 (letting them know I needed to reschedule 30 minutes later due to construction in helena) did anyone let me know there is a 90 mile limit to donate. After walking into the missoula location, I encountered an elderly woman who was extremely rude. She refused my ss card because it was not signed, which I apologized for and signed in front of her, and was then told that policy states there is a 90 mile radius donor limit and that I would need to leave. After explaining that I just drove two hours one way, and that at no point was this ever addressed to me, I was told that it was not her problem as "employees wouldn't know my address even if it was on the online account" and that "people drive to different towns all the time" when I mentioned that I spoke on the phone with someone about driving from helena and needing a time extension. I have tried calling a corporate number several times, however, it is never the correct number. I am extremely upset, to put in nicer words, that I will be driving a four hour round trip for a complete waste of my time by a company that could care less about its donors.

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