Biolife Plasma Servicesbiolife poor management

M Aug 12, 2018

Im want to submit a serious complain about thr manager "eric" at fm 1960 location... He had very poor leadership skills and he makes the work environment chaotic for his own employees and hes an [censored]. Ive seen countless ppl leave and not come back because of poor service and long wait time due to poor management delegating help were needed. Im too the point now after today horrible service am considering changing to different donation place because I should have to deal with this extended long period wait time over not enough card but 2 whole section still open!!!... Im sure there turn over rate is horrible as well. The fact tht he is still in his position is insane. And just reflects on corporate and tht yall have poor decisiom making in who u put in these positions cause clearly he not the best fit. There are otger there I believe can do a better job then him. Im in business management so I know how its done so ill continue to complain until something is done!!! He give your company a bad name is and running tht location into the ground. Ill even go as far as to start a petition to get him removed his oen employees even complaint about him to me but are afraid to speak out cause they fear lossing there job so there forced to work in an uncomfortable environment everyday!!! Thts completely unacceptable and if u dnt think so tht goes to show how poor and incompetent biolife company is.

biolife poor management

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