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I live on the island of Montreal. There are Bell cables attached to the side elevation of my house. Since some time now, I get frequent (weekly) visits from Bell, videotron and cable technicians climbing up on ladders positioned on my yard - and looking into my rooms on the first floor. They refuse to say what they are doing on my property and with what right. I have signed no lease or public right of way, and I receive no rent from any of these companies. Yet I feel both my property and my right to privacy is being violated. When I say it distresses me to see such heavy traffic, the only thing they say is: Oh, I am new and I have to connect a (videotron?) cable. Or: I am new and I disconnect a (videotron) cable. And so on. All this distresses me to the maximum. I am new to Canada and this is my new house.

Please can someone tell me whether all this can be legally done and what my rights are as the owner of my property?

Many thanks in advance.


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      Apr 09, 2008

    PS: To be fair I should state that after posting the message to them, I got a lightening fast first reaction from Bell Canada. In this they advised me that there is a charter of rights in the opening pages of the telephone book, and that it is in principle possible to refuse entry if there is no right of way. Although each telecoms company has its own rules, and they cannot speak for videotron, I have a hard time believing that company has greater privileges when it comes to interfering with private property, so that I suppose that Videotron people too would need to ask for permission to invade my property... The Bell person responsible for consumer relations also promised to check out what information he could find about the particular property, particularly, projected works in this area. Grateful for any comments.

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      Jul 19, 2008

    Easiest way to do it, file a complaint with the police, it would be best to record through video you refusing them to enter your property, or at the very best, call the police next time they come and say their harassing you on your property and will not leave, since they look into your house, tell them you feel violated because they spy on you and it's ridiculous. You shouldn't get in trouble even if your completely lying, but at least the police will be there and you can tell them your story right away if the police come in time :S). They can't climb your walls if you get out and don't let them, if they still force it, call the cops and say their being violent and agrresive and your scared hes going to attack you (just to get them there faster) It's what I would do.

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      Aug 14, 2009

    If it is your personal residence and there is no one else living in the building then they cant connect lines to your house. The only reason why they would need to connect lines to your house is if you have services from them. If you dont then their lines should be on poles or underground and not touching your house and they cant force their way onto your property either you should call the police and file trespassing and harassment charges.

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      Jul 16, 2014

    I encountered a similar trespass event with Videotron in Pointe-claire (island of montreal). I do not have Viseotron service. However, two technicians from a subcontractor of videotron invaded my backyeard on Monday 14th July 2014. They were damaging my hedge and my garden while trying to install a cable through the neighbourhood. They did not knock on the house or provide advance notice. They did not leave when I asked them to. I complained to videotron who said they have no record of a dispatch. I called the police who said I should call 911 the next time this happens and I have the right to refuse entry if it is not an emergency city service.
    Today, wednesday 16th July, two technicians came back without announcing themselves causing the same type of raucous. I told them to leave and said I refuse entry to my property. I promptly called 911 who dispatched two very grumpy female officers. Aside from being rude to me, these officers said there is absolutely nothing I can do and I cannot refuse them entry to these Videotron contractors. Even though I explained that the officer I spoke to from the Pointe-Claire police department on Monday said I can refuse entry, this rude officer said he was wrong. She said I have no right to decline entry and got in her car and left. Aside from being unhelpful, she and her partner were very very rude. So I have little faith the police really care about residential property damage. Thankfully the tehnicians that arrived today were much nicer and more respectful and careful not to damage the garden. However, they did indicate technicians from another department might arrive in the coming days or weeks.
    A security inspector for pointe-claire was the most helpful and kind because he seemed to mediate between the technician and me and pointed out that the police really care about criminal law while property involves private law. While residents can deny entry, utility companies also have right of entry and this leads to conflict. Although he did seem surprised at the attitude of the policewoman, he was professional not to contest her word. He indicated that the best way to deal with this is to call a lawyer.
    I called Videotron and suggested providing advance notice to residents on the community of scheduled upgrades so we do not have to be surprised and he said hydro quebec does not provide these advance notifications so Videotron does not have to. It is sad that Videotron feels the need to meet the low standards of hydro quebec instead setting high professional standards of their own to establish themselves as a company that is caring enough to minimize inconvenience to the residents of the neighbourhood they are upgrading.. It is also sad that the police are only interested in criminal cases and do not like to be bothered about property trespassing issues. In my opinion the public and private services in Quebec have been gradually degrading over the years although our tax increases.

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      Dec 08, 2014

    Bell Canada seems to think trespass laws don’t apply to them. For example, this has been going on in Montreal for some months: three times now I have found salespeople from Bell in my apartment building going door to door and trying to get people to sign up for internet and phone service. They didn’t ask the owner’s permission to be on the property. They wear name tags around their necks with Bell logo and tell people they are working with the landlord, which is untrue.

    The front door to the building is always locked and in theory should require a key or get buzzed in by someone. But it looks like they are getting into buildings by waiting for someone to leave or simply following a resident into the building, rather than specifically requesting anyone’s permission to enter the property.

    When confronted they will leave, so I guess they understand they have no legal right to be here. But they just come back another day and do the same thing again. My neighbour and I have now had three separate unsolicited sales calls to our homes from Bell salespeople.

    This seems like trespassing. They shouldn’t be on the property without the owner’s permission unless they are there to provide specific services for a Bell customer, which was not the case. Bell has no special right to be in the building for the purpose of conducting random door to door sales calls with non-Bell customers, any more than any other business. But they act like they do.

    I’ve called Bell a few times, but no supervisor will talk to me about this. And I sent the online complaint form a few times, plus wrote to an e-mail they gave me over the phone for fraud complaints. I haven’t gotten an answer back and don’t expect to. I guess we have to just take all the abuse from Bell, who seem determined to follow the Rogers model of maximizing immediate profits with shady, borderline illegal tactics.

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      Nov 17, 2019
    Videotron - Internet

    Terribly slow service at a high cost. Tried to cancel and they only suspended services. Meaning I was without internet for two months, but still fully charged. When I called to complain there was nothing done to fix the matter and I was told to pretty much just deal with it. Still being charged for a service that wasn't provided.

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