Beaver Log Cabinsmr trever watson

M Oct 02, 2019

Well Mr Watson this is the Type of work that u conned allot of people on . I am going to be taking u to court to stop the horrendous things your doing to ur clients . Unfortunately you contacted me to take over a contract and I had never heard of u in my life . But now I know you and your wife get top rate PIP, A disability benefit in North for sick people

U are registered North and south and avoiding tax affairs which revenue has looked into and are also taking statements from your customers at present due to the dodgy things you have been up too and each time your caught u declare yourself bankrupt and never protect your customers with these expensive price of timber you import from Germany flat packed for pure cheap .

Trever Watson all of a sudden has been In liquidation 6 times . Has a company in Cheshire with the same name . Has relocated ALL HIS STOCK 1.5 Mil 🥵 To Kerry within days of me exposing the conman who nearly put me out of business . I am not letting you away with this

This man has left so many people homeless and I have had 16 clients filing statements as we speak with the guards in Ireland for fraud and taking deposits of 40k for a peice of wood and the cheapest extras ever . Then he threatens people with different groups to either stop exposing him or else . This man is very Dangerous and also Has conned hundreds of people . He is also all over U Tube Comsumer 999 Trever Watson .

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