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this lady did not buy a log cabin form this company
she get it for beaver log cabin Ireland and this company is now closed
she has it all over the net with my name as well
under the law of 1997 she can not use my name on any site
face book and all other site has removed
she is using your site just for this


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      Jul 28, 2016

    Hello, I only saw this today! I would like to inform you all about my situation.My name is Dr. Annette Hunter. My phone number is [protected]. In reference to the above:
    I bought a 1 bedroom log cabin from Beaver Log Cabins, Bridgend, Donegal, Director, Trevor Watson. When I tried to sue this company, and I was not the only person trying to sue this company, there were 3 others that I know of, Trevor Watson told me and the other clients, that we could not sue as 'the company is closed'. How convenient. The company is not technically closed. It is currently in voluntary liquidation and before going into voluntary liquidation, Trevor Watson had already registered a 'new' company called Beaver Log Cabins NI, registered in Cork. This 'new' company uses the same showroom as the 'old'company. Same e mail address. Same company logo and Trevor Watson is Director of this company too. I am sure you can work out for yourself what is going on here.
    My 1 bedroom log cabin is sadly, for me, a disaster as I have to live in this cabin which is unfit for human habitation. You can view exactly what I have to put up on my you tube videos under 'The Donegal Show House'. In these videos the evidence speaks for itself. Trevor Watson has threatened me and (Siobhan Kelleher) so many times with calling the police on me and with legal action for 'defamation' - yet to date I have not received any letter form his solicitor and nor have the police been called. Why? Because I am telling the truth and I have all the evidence to prove this. I am not the only person who he has left in this situation. Look up reviews by Siobhan Kelleher too. my e mail address is [protected] please feel free to contact me if you need me to clarify anything about this post.
    Thank you, Dr. Annette Hunter

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      Jul 31, 2018

    @Annette Hunter Hi Annette beaver log cabins are now selling cabins with a company called Dublin shed company in Rolestown Swords Co Dublin they had a sales rep taking deposits for cabins that they did not deliver when we contacted Brian Gleeson of Dublin shed company he told us that the rep did not work for him we told them that we seen the cabins on his web site and in his yard, I drove into his yard the other day and to my surprise there was beaver cabins i think they a a big scam ?

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      Sep 01, 2019

    @Annette Hunter We’re do we start .
    I was approached by Beaver log Cabins in June 2019 to take over with the design of all cabins and Also Blinds contract which is my business .

    MR Trever Watson and CO are very very dangerous.
    At the start I went in and had a meeting with this man who I have never met or seen in my life . I will attach the screen shots of how it turned out .

    I moved into rent a cabin on the 1st July 2019 after him persuaded me that my business would grow and how I have such an amazing FB Business page with my blinds company .

    I am a Designer by trade and he would do anything to have me in his team . I wasn’t in the door a wet week and have been robbed of 5 thousand pounds by Mr Watson and I have all the invoices to prove it. When I went home at night he would call me Every night begging me to take around 50 grand for my business and come work for him full time well then the bells started to ring .

    Throughout the few weeks that I knew him he bought a Range Rover vogue and blamed me for damaging it . Every night drunk ringing and giving me massive abuse . This isn’t a joke and then 2 nd week into being in his premises my delivery’s where coming daily .

    Trever stole a very large amount of wooden blinds worth 2.5k for one of my massive rentals contracts which I have lost over this now . These were delivered on the Friday by my Courier and I seen them at 3.30pm and arranged with my fitter to collect on Saturday morning to go fitting .

    Well we turned up next day all my stuff in regards to orders where stole and the locks where changed in my cabin .

    My clients had people coming to stay in there property’s for the north west open golf and the customer needed all these blinds fitted and there was nothing I could do but re order another 2.5k worth of blinds as my clients were let down on around 4 k that week due to the blinds being stolen by MR Trever Watson Stoney path waterside and i want you to be honest and respond with the truth . I have a video to prove everything from the day I then had to go to guards to report the theft . There is no CCTC to prove that he stole them so no prosecution as of yet .

    My main point is he would do anything to anybody and think he can get away with it . Well not with me Mr Watson . I want all of my Money you owe me due to me ordering 4 full cabins 16 each cabin of blinds which I have now wasted and I paid for these in full which I have documented proof to back this all up .

    In the space of the 2 weeks of me knowing MR Watson he was on a luxury holiday . Bought his wife a new car, Bought his Daughter a house . Paid 10 k for surgery . Also the new vogue and he is getting away with trying to wreck a new small business .

    I am now in a new office and I have a proper lease and I have learnt never to trust anyone again on how good this con man was . I never thought he would be able to do so much to a small business in a matter of weeks . I feel this man should not be getting any business after the reviews online regarding him leaving people Homeless . Taking large amount of money from people and not giving the service . All the cabins have leaks and roofs falling off . I can’t believe you are even able to face anyone and you should be ashamed of yourself .

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      Oct 02, 2019

    @Tommy k2 Well Mr Watson this is the Type of work that u conned allot of people on . I am going to be taking u to court to stop the horrendous things your doing to ur clients . Unfortunately you contacted me to take over a contract and I had never heard of u in my life . But now I know you and your wife get top rate PIP, A disability benefit in North for sick people

    U are registered North and south and avoiding tax affairs which revenue has looked into and are also taking statements from your customers at present due to the dodgy things you have been up too and each time your caught u declare yourself bankrupt and never protect your customers with these expensive price of timber you import from Germany flat packed for pure cheap .

    Trever Watson all of a sudden has been In liquidation 6 times . Has a company in Cheshire with the same name . Has relocated ALL HIS STOCK 1.5 Mil 🥵 To Kerry within days of me exposing the conman who nearly put me out of business . I am not letting you away with this

    This man has left so many people homeless and I have had 16 clients filing statements as we speak with the guards in Ireland for fraud and taking deposits of 40k for a peice of wood and the cheapest extras ever . Then he threatens people with different groups to either stop exposing him or else . This man is very Dangerous and also Has conned hundreds of people . He is also all over U Tube Comsumer 999 Trever Watson .

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      Oct 27, 2016

    any person looking to buy from this company should look at the Conor Pope Consumers 999 show on TV3 on this link and you can see for yourself what exactly you will be getting for your hard earned money its worth a watch trust me.

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      Dec 11, 2016

    The Conor Pope Consumer 999 programme about Beaver Log Cabins / Trevor Watson, which aired on Ireland's TV3 on 19/10/2016 is available to watch here: It can no longer be viewed on player link provided by another reviewer. As the TV programme points out, using to check the company status of Beaver Log Cabins Ltd (liquidation 2015) and Beaver Log Cabins NI, reveals very useful information.

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