Beaver Log Cabinscondemned house built by beaver log cabins


I paid €40, 250 for a residential log cabin built by Beaver Log Cabins. It was a nightmare right from the start. It took them 10 months to 'build'. Before I even moved in it leaked so badly. Worse was to come though. The roof is not secured down and will blow off in a storm. I have architect and engineer reports to prove what I write. The director of this company blamed me for all the faults and then had the gall to say to me: 'You didn't pay enough for a residential cabin' - after it was built. It has been years of hell and I am now homeless. I am ordered to vacate my house by architect and engineer as I could be killed when the roof blows off. I know of 2 other people who have been left like this. When we tried to sue this company it went in to voluntary liquidation but the director had set up a 'new' company called Beaver Log Cabins NI. A classic 'Phoenix' company stunt. The director threatened non stop to sue ME for defamation but I never got any solicitors letter. Why? Because I am telling the truth. See my videos on YouTube. Under Annnette Hunter, Beaver Log Cabins.

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