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Jan 22, 2019

"*** W A R N I N G *** STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS SELLER. Bought two beach lounge chairs, an umbrella, and 2 towels and had them shipped to where I was to be staying in FL. Ordered plenty early, but the ARRIVED LATE. Then after three uses, one of the chairs had a leg break and the FIRST time... / wrong item was shipped

Nov 07, 2018

I ordered a Blue and White Beach Buoy umbrella but received a red, white and blue umbrella. The pole also had dents on it. I tried calling the BeachStore several times but was unable to reach anyone and I did not receive a call back. I was finally able to get a response by email. I... / shipped the wrong product, not new and dirty. customer service is unresponsive

Oct 23, 2017

I ordered one RIO 6.5' Sun Blocking Vented Beach Umbrella w/ Sand Anchor - Margaritaville Stripe order no. 270-SO111071 on 10/17/2017 but received instead a low quality, not new umbrella branded Hang Ten on 10/18/2018. The umbrella I received is not only not the product that I ordered, it... / never received my refund after canceling my order when the umbrella was out of stock

Oct 22, 2017

I order an umbrella and umbrella holder, 4 days later I received a phone call and I was informed by a representative that the umber was out of stock. I told the representative to cancel my order and refund my credit card. The items I ordered were never shipped but I never got my refund to... / extreme shade beach umbrella

Sep 12, 2017

Aug 18th I ordered a 9' beach umbrella: (Guest Shopper 24604 Your order no. 982-SO110016 has been received. We will process it promptly.) Was shipped an 8' umbrella instead. Called the customer service number left several messages and sent numerous emails to the company and received no reply... / The Worst Customer Service I Have Ever Received

Jul 15, 2016

Pissed Consumer Review › All Reviews Professional Services Beach Store 1 of 3 reviews Beach Store - Review in Professional Services category from Fresh Meadows, New York Fresh Meadows, New York 13 minutes ago Mark as resolved UPDATE Write update Add tags Add contacts ADD MEDIA Add images or... / Wrong product shipped on purpose

Dec 18, 2015

I'm sorry I didn't read the many crappy reviews before buying from this horrible company. I ordered a red Copa beach umbrella on 10/26/15. On 10/28/15 I received an email saying the order was filled & had a Fed Ex tracking #. After 2 days with no activity on the tracking # I sent an email... / Refusal to reimburse for shipping & sending wrong item

Feb 13, 2012

This company sent the wrong color item after having written the wrong color down apparently on a phone order that I made. The company sends no paperwork, no invoice with its shipment. In order to return an item, the customer must go online and fill out information and await an emailed form...