Barons Volkswagen Groupfaulty /defective water pump - vw beetle

V Aug 14, 2018

I replaced a water pump in dec 2016, its under two years and the water pump is again problematic and needed to be replaced. I took the faulty water pump to Cliffy the service manager from barons south VW. He came back with a lame answer that VW cannot give lifespans of parts and that if it was a problem on other beetles then vwsa would know about it. He was not helpful ito getting to the root cause of the problem.

the response given to me is not acceptable. Also, they have not given me the reason this particular pump has failed and yet I have given them the water pump to be sent for investigation. I have also been alerted that this is a common problem in VW beetles so the comment made below is a dishonest one.

My current mechanic that replaced the water pump last week says the existing part was defective and that's why my car started making the huge noise. He demonstrated this to me on the pump itself. I have taken photos and a video clip of the pump and I wish to pursue this at small claims court as well as the relevant motor industry ombudsman and media if I am not compensated for this failure.

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