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W Sep 10, 2018

On September 4, 2018, I returned back to the Barnes and Noble Bookstore on my campus to return a rental book I was advised by my professor that I did not need. I was well within the return deadline. The people at this store have done everything they possibly could to be sure they do not have to give me any kind of refund. First they asked me for a receipt. I told them I wasn't sure where the receipt was, but that I used my financial aid to rent the book. Maybe they could just look it up through that. They said no. Fine, their attitude is already one like, "I'm busy and you're not getting any money back, so hurry up so I can get back to doing other things". So then I ask if I can at least check the book in, this way when I find the receipt I'd be able to give it to them and they would have the book. They said yes you can do that. So I did. This morning (September 10, 2018), I went back to the bookstore to give them the receipt for the refund, and they tell me, oh since the book is checked in, we can't give you a refund. What?? I wasn't going to argue with them because they would have loved that, and I am not going to make a scene on my college campus. So I have a rental that I don't need, returned within the time frame stipulated, had for a total of about 4 days, and now I am paying $95.00 for it because they keep finding ways not to refund my money. I don't know about you, but $95 is A LOT of money to me. This bookstore carries books that are tailored specifically for the school for some classes, and therefore you can only buy them at the bookstore (like lab books). I think it's disgusting that they take advantage of students who can barely pay for college, let alone books, working full-time jobs while going to school just to try to get an education, and these people charge astronomical rates for these books and know you can only but them there. Then if you ask for your money back, you get the runaround so they don't have to give it to you. I wish I could say I will never buy a book from that store again, but I know I will have to, for the reason stated above. This store is not student friendly AT ALL. They are money friendly. All they want is money, with no regard for students or trying to help them with their education. Ok, these people got me for $95.00. But in return I promise you, I will do my absolute best to give all students on my campus alternatives to this store whenever possible, if I have to buy the books myself and hand deliver them to their homes. They aren't trying to capitalize off some big company with hundreds of millions of dollars, they are trying to take money from broke students, working 2 or 3 jobs, sharing rooms, eating ramen noodles, just to get an education. Me? I'm sure I'll live, but the loss of this money did hurt me, yes, and it was very unfair to say the least. I'm going to spend my free time on the weekends and whenever I can find it, researching and putting together a website to give everyone less expensive and more friendly alternatives than this Barnes and Noble store. This store is just a greedy rip off and when I finish school, I won't set foot in another Barnes and Noble store, not even to buy a cup of coffee.

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