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Baptist Medical Centerhealth discrimination-malpractice

I am diabetic with insulin pump where i was in er with my sugar very hi 521 the doctor was think that i have a simptoms of stroke and it wasnt that it was UTI and that discontrol my sugar into i been in er they never put me any insulin and i was the one that have to control my sugar with the insulin and i was over there and the doctor said to me that if i will stay in the hospital and i said no the nurse after a few hours discharge me and i have to ask the nurse for my antibiotic prescription and when she gave me the discharge she either knew the doctor told me that he will give me a prescription for my infecction. I was 7 hours and between that i have to ask the nurse asst to check my blood sugar because they either check my sugar either if i dont ask

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I was workiing over there and i seen a lot but the first think is the discrimination and injustice that they have with the employee and how they treated patient they want that they employee do thinks that the employee cannt do either if they know that the employee can make a danger or suffer the patient this is a nurse in triage when she check the patient she didnt ask almost nothing to make sure what is the situation with the patient of course in that way she got time to be in her ipad with the time that she doesnt have time to listen the patient but yes she have time to be in the i phone

health discrimination-malpractice


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    wanda velez Oct 14, 2012

    This is not me i was in the hallway and see this where i worked the people been in the phone for 30 minutes with they personal phone calls or studying in the time that they are suppose to study and some of them punch in and go to eat or doesnt appear in they place of work after


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