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Baptist Health System review: Front office coordinator unprofessional and unaware of everything

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I went to Dr. Manocha's office for scheduled blood work as I am a long-time patient of over 10 years with many comorbidities Candace refused to let me do my blood work and canceled my appointments.

I am aware he is out of network it would be my out of network benefits and I would be responsible for ov. All she has to do is put a message for billing patient aware of out of network and responsible. They have a referral, and it has been approved by Dr. Mann as I had to switch insurances due to my employer closed by DOJ. The referral has continuation of care as Dr. Mann's office is aware that I have all established doctors. This is not unusual or maybe to Candace-front desk it is. Candace-front desk obviously is not aware that claim maybe paid as Aetna covered my cardiologist when he was out of network. Insurance always has the disclaimer it's not guaranteed until processed.

Because of Candace not being diligent it's been over 2 weeks that I have not had my diabetic medication. or treatment.