Bank Of The Westatm ate my debit card!

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I inserted my debit card in a Bank of the West ATM to see if it would work. On the first try, I got an error message that my Pin wasn't recognized by them, & the machine held onto my card! I went inside the bank, & two bimbos looked at my blankly when I explained my problem. They said the ATM was serviced by an outside company so they knew nothing, nothing, & the bank was closed tomorrow. So I was just out of luck. I sent Bank of the West an angry e-mail and received a response that I must have tried too many times. Well, I didn't! It did this on the first try! They also said they destroy any debit cards the machine holds onto. Great!!

This was a Friday night so I had no cash for the weekend, and had to go to the trouble of replacing my debit card, which, as everyone knows, is a hassle and you have to wait a week to ten days to get a new one. Bank of the West, you are completely screwed up!


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      Jul 28, 2009

    If you had money in your account and you were already in the branch why didn't you use a Counter Check and withdraw funds from your account?

    If you're a Credit union customer you could have gone to your credit union and withdrawn from them.

    Many ATMs are outsourced which means you can't hold the employees inside the branch responsible for issues with them.

    While you call them bimbos I can't think much better of you for your short-sightedness.

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      Aug 02, 2009

    Dear In the Dark in Hayward, CA:

    In this instance you created darkness rather than light, so your screen name is quite a misnomer!

    Let me get this straight: you're attacking me personally and what I wrote in an online forum? You don't know me or the situation. I was nowhere near my credit union. My ATM card can be used at a wide variety of banks on various networks, so why wouldn't I try to withdraw $20 from the ATM outside my doctor's office building? I couldn't leave the parking lot until I paid for my parking. It is highly unusual for an ATM to take a person's card away on the first try, so my complaint was a legitimage one, and I was very upset when I wrote it. Your screed shows that you didn't even READ my comments!

    I was the consumer affairs coordinator at a large corporation for many years, so I happen to know a bit about customer service. These two women couldn't be bothered to do anything or even express concern for my situation. They brushed me off instead of being helpful or nice in any way. I certainly wouldn't have behaved like that in their position because I'm a kind and gracious person. Unlike you, who are insulting me to my face. AND, it's a Bank of the West ATM, so it IS the bank's responsibility since it has their name on it!

    The purpose of this site is to air complaints about companies when members have had a bad experience with them. It is not the purpose of the site to take potshots at those who write a complaint. I am going to bring your nasty and utterly inappropriate comments to the attention of the Complaints Board and ask that they revoke your ability to comment.

    Calling someone who has aired their grievance a bimbo in a public online forum is contrary to web etiquette, which you apparently know nothing about. It's easy to write negative comments under cover of anonymity because no one can call you on your rude, ignorant attitude. Not only are your comments cowardly, but they reveal your true character and the miserable condition of your heart and soul--if you possess either one of them, which I doubt.

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      Sep 06, 2009

    Ok, "like's to fight guy". The customer service reps stated the ATM was serviced by an outside company. Maybe because of this, they did not have access to the ATM? If this is true, they should have told you this information. When a debit card from another institution is captured by the ATM, there is no indication as to why the car was captured. Banks do not have any responsibility to release a card that is captured by their ATM that is not one of their own cards. The bank has no way of knowing if the card is deactivated or stolen, so many banks will destroy "foreign" cards. Judging by the way you have reacted in your posts, I can't imagine the conversation you had with the bank was civilized.

    I don't get it. You can call someone a bimbo, but when you are called out on something you take serious offense. Kind of like calling the kettle black, isn't it? Yea, yea, threaten to go cry to the complaints board and take my postnig privilages away.

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