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I have paid an unbelievable amount of insufficient fund charges every month I have been with this bank. When I make a purchase and the bank does not post it for weeks and I might make a withdrawal from an atm, the next day they will post up to ten charges that might be 2-10 dollars and charge me 35 dollars each. I think that is very unethical and everyone that this is happening to should file a complaint. This could possible be against the law. If anyone wants to join me in trying to solve this unethical, possible unlawful doings you are welcome!


  • Ab
    ABBIE SMITH Jan 26, 2008

    Taking money from my account every month sometimes 2 to 3 times a a phone no and a website which is such of either.they took out $149.95 then $99.00 now they take out $14.95 every few days i would like this to stop.i am on a fixed income and also disable.. I don't need this. Thank you

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  • An
    Ange Jun 01, 2008

    Why are you complaining about being charged an overdraft fee when you had no money in your account??? If you didn't write checks when you didnt have money to cover them you wouldnt have this problem.

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  • Ka
    Katha Huffstutler Jan 27, 2009

    If my checking account was closed without previous notification, what cause of action do I have?

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  • Dp
    D Proudfoot May 29, 2009

    They didn't post my deposit for 2 days and charged me hundereds of
    dollars in nsf fees. I called their 888# first and the deposit was in pending transactions and my account had a positive balance. Then
    I was hit with all these fees.

    Somehow the deposit disappeared and posted 2 days later. By law they
    are suppost to post credits before debits and they were doing the opposite. It's a scam to rip off the consumer and I hope they go to
    congress with this one.

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  • Ba
    Bancorpsouth sucks Sep 17, 2009

    Bancorpsouth does post all debits before credits. If you do a inter-bank transfer (transfer money from a savings account into a checking account) they will not even post this for like 2 days. It is quicker for you to actually go to the bank and withdraw your money and physically deposit it than to do a transfer. I had a 10.00 check that came thru in the am, that same day I deposited 1000.00 because I did not make my deposit before the 10.00 check came was still several hours before the 2.00 pm cut off time, they still charged my account an extra 32.00 overdraft charges. I think that what they are doing is very unethical and I am going to file charges with the attoney general of mississippi. That is where the main branch is located. Stay away from BancorpSouth. I am moving all of my stuff. Also, I am supposed to have overdraft protection, but it seems to nonexistent.

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  • Ba
    Bancorpsouth sucks Sep 17, 2009

    Sorry, Bancorpsouth will not help you any. They will tell you to go to the company that is drawing the money out of your account. My advice...switch banks, ASAP

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  • Ba
    bancorp scam Dec 03, 2009

    Bancorp South...The most messed up bank of all, it will rip you and your parents off, stay the hell away from it, its the bank of the devil. debit transactions are fine, they get through right after you enter your pin. BUT, credit transactions take 3-5 business days according to the bank to be run through. The only thing is... Bancorp South is choosing the let the transactions get deduced from your account after they're certain it's going to overdraft your ###. Meaning, they can control when to run the credit transactions from your account, thats why they wait a week or 2 sometimes till your balance is down to 20 dollars for example, and you'll have a pending credit transaction or more..for 21 dollars, they would deduce that and overdraft your ### for 32 dollars.
    I have paid this damn bank over a tuition worth in less than a year, for over 2 years.
    I'm done with this ### forever. Good luck for whoever is dealing with this ###.

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  • Ba
    bancorpsouthsucks May 08, 2010

    They are a bunch of criminal ###. We had their "bounce less crap" my check was deposited a day late, we went over by $700, which they charged to the credit card used for bounceless checking, then charged us $500 in late fees. Talk about a bunch of criminals. We complained they said tuff, sue us. I am expected to hire an attorney to sue them for $500 they stole from me. You would think these guys were from oxford, they way they act.

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  • Wi
    Will Cs. May 12, 2010

    I experienced a very negative interaction with Bancorpsouth. They incorrectly entered account information, mailed checks to the wrong address, failed to send cards to all parties on the account, and ignored preferences given to them about my account. Once I deceided enough is enough and closed the account, they were unhelpful in advising me of pending charges, which made even my account closing messy.

    If I were you I'd take my banking elsewhere!

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  • Vi
    Vickie Johnson May 26, 2010

    Yes I agree. Bancorp wil mess you up. I went on line to check my account, and it took them two days to show my pending transactions, so I thought that I had deposited enough money; however, on the third day when I viewed my account, I saw that they had three overdraft charges for $35.00 each. And each of the debit amounts were not over $4.00 dollas. I mention to Bancorpsouth that when I went online, the account did not show me as being in the negative. They did not care. They still charged me the fees.

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  • Gr
    Grow_Up Dec 03, 2010

    First off, read the print on the internet banking screen where you transfer funds from one account to another. It CLEARLY states "Please allow 3 to 5 business days for the transaction to go through. Secondly, as far as using your card as debit when enter your pin its called an EFT "Electronic Funds Transfer" and it is deducted right then. For the credits it does take longer to come out of your account. The time frame really depends on when the store makes their deposit. And last but not least, the solution is simply LEARN HOW TO BALANCE YOUR CHECKBOOK. Really some of you need learn about banking in general. Just because you cant do simply mathematics you think the bank screwed you!!

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  • Re
    Reedharlow Aug 10, 2012

    The bank teller refused to let me use my wife's visa debit card to make our loan payment with snide remarks. I argued its the same method of payment we have been using over 8 months. The teller replied that she did not personally know me and refused to accept it. After being disrespected and embarrassed I gathered myself and stormed out. Another person chased me outside trying to confront me yelling at me. I done my best to avoid her. Then the bank president left a message with my wife for me to call him and when I did he was very one sided uncaring of my position. He made demands of apologies, saying the door was broke, and filed a police report against me.

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  • Do
    Donna Shaw Jun 11, 2015

    IT"S NOT ABOUT BALANCING YOUR CHECK BOOK WITH THIS COMPANY!!! If you make a deposit and they hold it for several days (one time they held a large deposit for two weeks) and then put all of the debits and checks through first (the largest are rigged to go through first, causing overdraft fees for every single item) through before they will release the deposits - it's called playing games and they do it to make more money. It happened several times in the few years I banked there. I never bounced anything before and I haven''t bounced anything since. I entered into a class action lawsuit and actually received a check for it. Now three years later (I have perfect credit) and cannot get a loan because I have account abuse for the bounced checks after I closed my account . DO NOT BACK WITH THIS BANK - THEY ARE NOT HELD ACCOUNTABLE AND ARE UNETHICAL AND GREEDY!!!

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  • Ti
    Tired of being Robbed Oct 16, 2015

    Bancorp South will post debits before the credits. I have gone to the bank in person and all the manager does is shrug her shoulders as if, "oh well its not me." I am tired of this nonsense. I am switching banks ASAP!!!

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  • As
    Asking For It Jan 21, 2020

    I would suggest looking for another bank. I've worked with many different banks and their practices are predatory. I have spoken with the teller and their online support and neither of the employees were interested in helping with any issues. The reviews from here are on point. I would suggest finding a different place to do your banking with.

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