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I purchased a cap and gown on 1/15/2011 for my sons graduation for a total of $49.78 including a shipping charge of $12.00. I was hoping that the cap and gown would be shipped to my house since they wanted my home address. As time passed, I never received the cap and gown. After contacting them by email, I was told they would send the cap and gown to the school on April 21. I don't understand why I was charged a shipping charge of $12 when they never delivered the cap and gown to my house. Instead, after leaving a message, someone called me back and told me that it was a mistake on their website programmers part and that he/she should have wrote handling instead of shipping for invoice. He said every student got charged this. I don't think it's right these people charging $12.00 per student for this. These people made money off the cap/gown already. They made roughly $3000 off of these students for delivering this stuff from a city 200 miles away. I am contacting the school board and hope there can be other options for students in the future. I have attached copies of their website where it states handling fees after Feb1 and where it states about shipping charges which I thought I paid for. This isn't the only time Balfour has had problems with other customers.

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