Bakers Delighthungarian roll

R Aug 08, 2018

Today I was at Bakers Delight Cheltenham. I go to Bakers Delight just about every day to buy a Hungarian Roll, usually at another store or other stores, today was the first time I went to Bakers Delight Cheltenham.
I love Bakers Delight Hungarian Roll, it is crusty on the outside, soft, fluffy and so lovely on the inside. Sometimes I would go to a Bakers Delight around 9am to wait for the Hungarian Rolls to come out of the oven because it is even nicer just out of the oven. Today, around 11am I was at this particular store. Got my Hungarian Roll..jumped into my car... and in great anticipation...dived into the roll... to my greatest disappointment, it was stone cold, there was no crust to speak of... the inside felt like not cooked, it was doughy and I could almost taste the uncooked was was heavy...I know my Bakers Delight Hungarian Roll... every time I eat was yummy, yummy yum.. but today, what a disappointment

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