Bajaj AutoPoor after sale service

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I purchased XCD 125 motorcycle from Bagga Links Budh Vihar Rohini Delhi showroom some six months ago. And since then I have literally riding on misery... Visiting their service center at Rithala Rohini scares ### out of me. The bad people they have there. They don't respect the customers forget about the services for which you ought to pay them.

Today Sep 12, 2008, they crossed the limit. I was returned my bike unwashed and as a bonus a couple of scratches on its body. And believe me I had to pay Rs. 475 to release the bike from their clutches. I wished to shout, cry. But there was nobody to listen. I went to see a manager. And look what he tells me. "Go and talk to the advisor. What is manager supposed to do about it."

Feeling frustrated, I caught hold of the advisor and he says how can you prove you had not scratched you bike before getting it here. I wished to throw my bike on their face and run away. But these shameless guys would have robbed me of my two wheeler. I had to calm down. Wrote a complaint. But am little hopeful these buggers at Bagga Link would even get to read it.

And tell you honestly, this was the second time I was maltreated their. Earlier, they charged me for some Teflon coating of the bike. The coating paled my red bike down. What to say? Nobody is listening...


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    Ishmael Sep 12, 2008
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    I share Mr Sarwar's predicament. Even I have faced a similar attitude from their service station at Rithala... Somebody needs to give them a good beating to realise them of their after sales service...

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    Fakhra Sep 12, 2008
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    Hundred percent true... I wish top brass of Bagga Links listens to us...

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    Rohit Das Oct 07, 2008
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    On 30th of september i took my bike for servicing, where i asked them to check my digital meter.As the display was unsatisfactory and the fuel indicator was showing absurd readings.

    A few days after all of swithes (both right & left )were functionless.hence i was on a bike on which there was no light, horn, indicator & self start etc.So i took my bike to the service centre (balasore, orissa)where they said tht my Control unit is functionless(without even checking the meters or with any instruments) and it will be replaced & the tax on those spare parts will be chargeable to me.

    But those spares are not present near them n according to them it willl arrive on 13th, so my bike can only be repaired on 14th i.e after puja holidays.

    but yesterday i took my bike to the service centre asked them to do something temporary, so one mechanic turned up & pulled out 1set of wires n fitted it to the other.after which my right side swithes are functioning i.e light n self start.

    So think they are knowing not mending my bike n want me to replace those parts which may or maynot be damaged bcoz by doing so it will be there profit.
    i think i cant trust any of the service centre guys any more.
    but what can i do, bcoz if repair my bike outside my warranty will be void & if i repair it in service centre i may have to pay the tax for the replacement of the spare which maynot be damaged.

    so lastly i think i am in a complete trouble as i cant do anything and i hav to ride a bike without horn, light n indicator for atleast 7 more days.
    one more thing wht sort of a service centre it is where spare parts are not avialable.

    i hope tht u would contact me on my mobile as soon as possible regarding my problem.plz.

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  • At
    Atanu Chatterjee Mar 06, 2009


    I have a bajaj discover 125 cc, taken on the month of Feb 2007. I always believe to get my bike services thru the authorised Service station. Last month visited to your authorised showroom
    Vedant Bajaj, G.T. Road, Fazir bazar, Howrah. on 3rd. Feb 2009

    There is a few problem with my bike apart from normal servicing.

    1. Handle alignment needs to re-align as it got bend due to the transportation from one place to another.

    2. Sounds with chain and chain spoket.

    3. Battery needs to re-charge as lights and horn got dim.

    Your supervisor has attended me and checked my bike where he asked me to change the handle bar which i agreed. Chain spoket is also changed. Delivered the bike next day as for re-charging a battery it takes 24 hrs. time.

    Now, problem with the handle is still persisting (need 100% perfect )after repeated visit to the showroom and giving the complaints regarding the same and again with expense of another Rs.333/- for change of kit ball steel steer/steering kit cone.
    The sound in chain and chain spoket is also persisting.

    Will not my bike be ready for free run ??
    Is there any reason that i am penalising as i have binded with your AMC for 1 year only by a single approach of your representative ??

    Bike details :

    NO: WB38 T 7089
    Bajaj Discover 125
    JOB NBR : 8252/08 - 09

    Thanks & Regards,

    Atanu chatterjee
    M: [protected]

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  • Ga
    Ganesh May 15, 2009

    I have purchase bajaj platina 100 cc motot cycle from dealer Jems auto pvt. ltd, satara road branch, Pune in octomber 2008. I have done 3 free services from them, but now a day I have get very now millage and my motor cycle gets hot with only ridiing in 40 to 45 km/hr and stoped any time in while riding with in 10 to 12 kms. I have show byke to delers but he said its ok. but he can't help me to solve this problem. my motor cycle is stillin warrenty periode .
    I have give suggestation that please thing before punchasing bajaj motorcycle.
    Also I have requesting to bajaj auto please look in this matter and solve my motor cycle problem

    Ganesh Kalyani
    Motor cycle no.
    MH12 FB 921

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  • Md
    M D Kumaran Jul 25, 2009

    Dear sir

    Wel My name is kumaran from chennai i had purchase Pulsar 180CC Dtsi modle at the month of March'09 from Khivaraj motor anna salai at the time of purchase iam facing gear shifting a huge irretating noise in the engine and also woobling problem i had already given the vechicle three time for warranty service at first they had informed me that they have changed some parts based on warranty and assured me that the woobling problem and gear shifting problem will be arrested but within two day of delivery taken the same problems continous.And then i continously taken two times to the service station eventhey are not willing to here my problems. due this types of problems iam unable to drive my vechicle for a long trip since i was narrowally escaped from accident two times.

    I directly called the service manager Mr.Raja (+91 [protected]) and informed my problems but they are not willing to here my problems.

    Modle specification - Pulsar 180CC Dtsi
    Chassis Number - MD2DHDJZZRCL03512
    Engine Number - DJGBRL21337
    Date of purchase - 14-03-2009

    M D Kumaran

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  • Ka
    kapil sharma9 Aug 20, 2009




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  • Su
    Subrata Kumar Mukherjee Aug 26, 2009

    Dear Sir,

    I have purchase Bajaj Discover ( DTS-i ) motorcycle 135 cc form M/s. Ashoka Bajaj, Dhanbad on 7th November 2007

    Today i.e. 11.08.09 I went for servicing at M/s. Gouri Ganesh Auto Pvt. Limited, Dhanbad of my said motorcycle. During the time of servicing, they repair and change one or two parts which i purchase from my own account.

    My motorcycle is now warranty period but I cannot understand that why repairing ( Labour charges ) charges of Rs. 310/- has been taken by them.

    Please note that the back Soccer of my motorcycle has been damages, my motorcycle only running 8337 KM as on date, they try to repair the same but not success, till now same problem. I request you please change the same soccer for smooth running,

    My motor cycle now given Avg. 37 KM / Ltr, from the beginning, but you have promised that Avg. will be given 50km/Ltr and Plus.

    Please take necessary action from your end.

    Please note that I try to contract to your Ranchi Area manager over mail in four times along with yor Kolkata Area Manager, but their is no response to till date

    Your earliest action will be highly appreciated

    Thanks & regards

    Subrata Kumar Mukherjee

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  • Sa
    sai vishwanath Sep 21, 2009

    hi friends my name is vishwanath, i have purchased pulsar 220 dts-si at thad bund branch hyderabad, as i was staying at tirupathi, after purchasing my vehicle i had transported it to tirupathi by train, after getting delivered it to me i have started the bike i heard a crank sound .i have contact bajaj show room at tirupathi, they said that i had problem with my "one way clutch"i had rode only 20 kms after purchasing my bike, there are no availabiliyy of spares at tirupathi, i have bought them at chennai gave to my service manager an i have got replaced that thing. and after replacing that part again within 10 days i have got the same problem.i have bought the spare for 800 approx at chennai.
    how can i get damaged again .
    this bajaj 220 is such a worst bike i had never seen.nearly 20 days it had stayed at show room for repair.
    date of purchase:16-07-2009

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  • Su
    surjeet bajaj Sep 30, 2009

    maine bajaj ki pulsar purchase ki hai lakin kuch problam ki vajah sa mai wo
    exchange karna chahata hu lakin surjeet bajaj nahi kar raha hai our mujhe paresaan kar raha hai mari problam nahi ki gai to mai bajaj ka project kabhi bhi use nahi karunga

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  • Ar
    Arnav9 Oct 05, 2009
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    Verified customer


    This mail is in order to divert your attention towards the discrepancies that are prevalent in your sales system .
    I am a resident of Patna, Bihar.
    I would like to inform, that i wanted to buy a Pulsar 220 dtsi. With this mission i set out to all the major showrooms of BAJAJ that are in this. city but to my disappointment none of them were able to satisfy me with my need, Not only this, but also some of the showrooms blatantly said that they can not provide me with the bike of my choice and that i should buy either a 150cc or a 180cc bike instead of my desire of buying a 220cc. Also i came to know from some of my sources that they are not providing you with a 220cc because "DIWALI" is approaching and the plan is to sell the bikes at a black price.I was asked by one showroom to pay the Full Amount so that they could book it, since it was sunday and i couldn't draw money from my bank, i went to them on monday but they refused that "since i am late i can not get that bike and to choose another one.

    Apart form the point that your Dealers don't have a respect for your customers who are eager to buy your bikes but also they are trying to draw a profit by harassing your customers, i've been searching every nook & corner of the city & neighbouring cities from the last four (4) days but turned back by every showroom. i don't know the real cause, but one thing i would like to point out that what's the use of a new bike when your customers can't have it and what's the use of having so many dealers when none can satisfy one customer.

    Please take a note of this mail and take some appropriate action so that in future your customers are not harassed this way. And they get what they want rightaway of their choice, or otherwise a good name like BAJAJ who we are really proud of wil only be a name without values.

    thanking you


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  • Vi
    VIPUL TAYAL Nov 21, 2009

    this is to inform you that i have taken i ahve taken a bike from one of your show room but from last two months its not giving proper average(45 at present)

    Model no.-discover(dtsi)
    bike no.- up14ax-4147
    daily updown- 50 kms
    path- smooth
    single travelling
    i am totally unsatisfied with your service my silencer is also making a noise i have already informed to your ghaziabad show room but noone has taken any action i request you to please a serious action immidiately.


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  • Su
    Sunil Kamrani Dec 13, 2009

    I have purchased Bajaj Discover Dtsi from Aakar motors Vapi/Daman 2.5 months ago but during first servise have explained about all the problem uneven noise fron bike & low milage 64km/llit (company say 100kmpl)but they dint pay attention om the same poor after sales servise dDO NOT BYE BAJAJ BIKES Sunil kamrani, Daman [protected]

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  • Yo
    yogesh agarwal Mar 20, 2010

    Pulsar is now commen bike.Bajaj auto must launch new stylish bike in 150 cc segment. i want to purchase a bike but not pulsur due to common for all. i want sth new and unique.

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  • Pankaj Apr 03, 2010


    I have Bajaj Avenger 200 Dts-i which I Registered at Connaught Place showroom and I get Bike on March 14, 2009 from Kirti Nagar.

    I am facing gear shifting problem which I said at service center(Kirti Nagar) during my 2nd service on August 1, 2009(Invoice no. [protected]) I don't know what the mechanic(Tejpal) did with my bike clutch wire when I was going back to home it goes tighter and finally broke. I talked about it with service center a person named Mr. Komal said to me come and we will replace your wire.

    First I changed the wire and than I reached the service center Mr. Komal and Service Advisor Deepak Sharma both said to me you have to purchase a clutch wire otherwise we don't replace.

    Just Because of mechanic mistake I suffered, and also the register no. of my bike is wrong actually it is
    DL 6SA C4503 and the entry is DL 6AC 4523 they are really irresponsible after that they don't want to listen me .

    Kindly take action against it and I want to replace my wire with genuine wire this is a humble request.


    Inaam Nandu
    Bike No. DL 6AS C4503

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  • Ah
    ahmad shafi Apr 21, 2010

    i was puchase bajaj bike nov.2009 but still i did not get owner paper and now taht agency also closed what should i do please advise me

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  • Ar
    Ar.FAROOQ Jun 07, 2010
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    Verified customer



    I Required left side tool/bettery cover of pulsar-135(black in colure) urgently..
    i gone through ur respective service centers...

    shiva bajaj agency in ghaziabad
    shiva bajaj agency in shahibabad
    pjr bajaj agency in east delhi

    my Ref. no.-CR-44227
    please make its availability on above same service centers...
    as soon as possible...


    Ar. Farooq


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  • Ab
    ABDULLAH KHATRI Jul 10, 2010
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    My motorcycle is now warranty period but I cannot understand that why repairing ( Labour charges ) charges of Rs. 200/- has been taken by them.

    MY MOBILE NO..+[protected]

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  • Ga
    Ganesh Shetty Dec 25, 2010

    left hand side handle bar broken while driving..

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  • Tu
    tushar parmar Jan 18, 2011

    i bay bajaj discover dts- si 100 cc 6 months above. but i feel that this is not so good as i read about in brochures . i get average of only 45/lit. which is unbelievable. & my bike has problem in gear box & it get so many vibrations when i take it at speed of above 60. no one can make solution of this so please make rep. for my this all problems.
    my mob. no. is [protected]

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  • Ab
    Abhishek Samaddar Mar 03, 2011

    I bought a bike on 16.05.2010 & it has complete total km 4820 till date.
    Problem is that some iron part damage & battery’s acid is always over flow, witch bike’s colors has stared to damage. Last two service regularly I have been complained it but problem is still there.

    Kindly rectify the problem asap.

    Bike No. UP78 CA 4872
    Owner Name Abhishek Samaddar
    Address Block No. 12 Macrobert Ganj
    Lal Imli Colony Kanpur 208001

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  • Ni
    nilesh shivkar May 13, 2011

    i bay bajaj discover dts- si 100 cc 6 months above. but i feel that this is not so good as i read about in brochures . i get average of only 45/lit. which is unbelievable. & my bike has problem in gear box & it get so many vibrations when i take it at speed of above 60. no one can make solution of this so please make rep. for my this all problems.
    Nilesh shivkar [pen-Raigad] Mob-[protected]

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  • Pr
    Properly service by Expert Dec 18, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    sir, I Purchased Pulser 135 DTSI frm Santosh Motors Akbarpur(Mati) Ramabai Nagar U.P.after sale the service is very very poor and burst because purchased the above abike on 15th July 2011but no properly service given by Santosh Motors, so my Bikes Engine Is knocking within 5th months Of purchasing date, so I request you please give the strictly order to properly service after sale the Bikes by the traind engg. Thanks Himanshu Shukla, C.H. C. Campus, .Akbarpur (Mati Road) Ramabai Nagar U.P. PIN 209101 and Email [protected]

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  • St
    stanzin May 09, 2012

    sir i have a bujaj pulsar 220 2010 model...i have been facing a problem in its pickup.can u suggest me what is the problem and how can i solve it...we don't have a bajaj service center in our area the local mechanic are not able to catch up the main problem...(email id...[protected]

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  • An
    Ankit Maini Dec 08, 2012

    hey guys, bajaj is out of busines now...I guess they do not want to sell bikes, they are jst selling patients and on other side they are creating hospitals for them...
    Atleast me do not want to be on highway wid bajaj ill bikes...

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  • Pr
    prakash vora Feb 09, 2014

    For the first service of my Pulsar 150 I called at Sakal Auto(Himmatnagar) at 10:15 am and asked when can I come there for service. They replied me that u can not come today since it is packed. U can come tomorrow morning at 9 am and your vehicle will be delivered in evening.

    I am an govt empl, working and residing 60km away from this show room. I had taken the leave for today for doing servicing of the pulsar. When I was purchasing this vehicle I was told that u can come at morning for service and with in one hour u will get your vehicle serviced. They made false promises at the time of selling.

    I am disgruntled with the this kind of after sale service and responses that are given to almost every customer of this showroom.

    I can't understand that even if customer is going early in the morning (even for the first service)why showroom officials told us that they will complete it till evening? Do they start doing service of all the bikes and scooters in evening only? Or they are so inefficient that they are not able to do it in two hour(for one vehicle).

    prakash vora

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