Baja Freshservice and customer service

H Aug 15, 2018

On 8/15/2018 at 7:03 Pm. I went into store 078 to Order Dinner, I spoke to a Jose C from the store, I asked him if there was a taco meal with no rice n beans; his response you can get the taco meal with extra rice ( not what i asked) I responded by saying I want 3 tacos no rice and beans. He said well then just get the ala carte then with a bad attitude. I said well if i wanted that i would have just asked for the 3 tacos ala carte you said there was a meal. I ended up ordering 3 tacos 2 carnitas one steak he was rude to me, when i was paying he decided to try to explain why he said what he said stating you feel me and you know what I mean. that he just finished eating he was tired and full ( which i dont care about) but when i went to get the food he looked at me with a rude grin telling to enjoy those tacos like if he did something to my food. I payed almost 40 dollars I received my food cold and my carnitas burnt . not only did i only get 2 tacos not three.. I had such a bad experience with this bad rude person and the food that i will never return to this store that i visited often. I will be calling the store manager as well as corporate. This person shouldn't be working in a customer service environment. pictures of the burnt carnitas and corn they decided to add to my tacos

service and customer service
service and customer service

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