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This Is Really Affecting My Business As I Live In Chicago. I Am Posting In The Women Seeking Men Dating Section And Not Being Able To Post A Location People Are Calling From All Over The Place And I Can't Get Any Clients For My Specific Location. I Really Need To Let People Know Exactly Where I Am. I Miss Being Able To Make My Unique Ad Title So I Can Stand Out From The Rest Of The Ads.. Now My Ad Looks So Dull. I Miss Being Able To Tell People About Myself In The Ad Body. Is There Any Way You Guys Can Switch It Back? Its Affecting My Business Severely


  • Ch
    Chris Cobb Dec 15, 2017

    I agree, but i think they are just covering their butts & may be time for all of us to put the closed sign up & get a job. Can't sit at home now, hoping the clients decide to click on your "phone number"

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  • Li
    Lizzy Luv Dec 17, 2017

    Some girls have location and wording on their ad. How do you get to do that?

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  • Ms
    Ms Kitty415 Dec 20, 2017

    Yes this sucks and its making it really hard what u can do is create a very detailed social media link like i did from my google plus page and it also links them to my website. I am a fbsm provider but i also post on other sites like,, and I also post in the massage section on BP seems to be working but its still a little slow.( God bless regulars) I also wrote a bio in a pic creater app and posted it on my ad. Them doing this is going to make it harder but if you do these things it also makes you stand out and if a guy click your ad and link. I promise he will call rather than texting and calling all the other girls because u look more professional and everything is already outlined for him. Good luck and be safe this is also open the door to weridos and every guy thinking then can call you all hours of the night and you offer every services so I also did this for safety.

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  • Ch
    Chris Cobb Dec 23, 2017

    I think BP caught on with all the girls going to massage section, so they have limited the text to only 140 words now~ you can barely describe yourself, let alone your services in 140 words. So i photoshop my own text & placed it into a photo~ yes it's small, but when you click to enlarge within ad, comes up regular size. Also like the person said above, create your own webpage & place link in social media section, any teenager can create a webpage for you. Now the worse thing you can do is nothing & just pay $$ to list your phone number, with 100 other people, believe me, no one is going to scroll number to number, trying to find someone. That's just a waste of $$, especially if your 75 numbers down the page. Sometimes you just have to be a little creative, until they through in the next road block.

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  • Cr
    Crissy Cross Mar 27, 2018

    please place your ads in the MASSAGE Area with your TUMBLR acct. you can write more in there without being too specific. I only go there to massage .. I know that bp clients are flakey and cheap but I get few now and then.. AVOID STOLE from me I complained to bp support and nothing.. I use the seedy paxful for bitcoins but for 25 u get 18 bitcoing and then buy credits for backpage and gets down to 16 credits ..

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