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I have finally uninstalled this game and will not play it again - after years of frustration. The game is SO rigged. Not random dice rolls at all. After playing for several years and buying coins many times, I see the patterns. The game is totally rigged to make the developers money. I wouldn't mind buying coins if the rolls were random, but they are not. If you haven't bought coins in awhile, they punish you by not letting you win. I'm an experienced player and know the odds. Consistently, especially towards the end of a game, the rolls will be stacked against you. Its very consistent: in the beginning of a game you will get fair rolls, and even if you get far ahead and double, towards the end your opponent will get incredible doubles and you will get horrible rolls. It's just so frustrating it is not fun anymore. Goodbye Backgammon Live.

Apr 15, 2019

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