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Back Market review: Samsung S20 FE

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I received my phone on 07/12/2023. I didn’t set up my phone until 10/12/2023 due to waiting for a screen protector and phone case. From install I had issues with the screen freezing, displaying black at the top of the screen and with the screen going unresponsive. Initially I thought that this was because I had just transferred over a large volume of data. I also had issues with the fingerprint scanner not working which I put down to the screen protector and ordered a new one. On several instances I logged onto back market and began the get help process however in each case restarting the phone solved the issues I was having and the get help process didn’t allow me to submit my issues without having to delete all of my data off the phone and send it in. This seemed like an over reaction and I decided to keep using the phone and send it in if the problems persisted.

On 25/12/1023 the phone abruptly powered down. I finally completed the get help process, updating the issues to say it no longer turned on. I also declared truthfully that I had not water damaged the device in any way, which is still true.

I sent it in for repair on 27/12/2023 and received no updates until 03/01/2024 when I requested one. I was informed that my phone had been returned un repaired and the warranty was not valid due to water damage. Firstly, the lack of contact even to inform me the phone was being shipped to me is appalling. I was told to check the tracking information and I had to request they sent me the link it because I had not been informed at all. I was also only informed it had been returned I repaired and why when I asked for details of the repair to keep on record of the problem persisted.

Secondly as stated before, I have been experiencing issues since arrival which escalated. At no point have I exposed the phone to water, coincidentally or accidentally. If water damage is the cause it was present prior to me recovering the purchase. I feel conned by back market and despite asking that this is escalated have had no further update.

Claimed loss: £220

Desired outcome: Refund

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