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Avinol PM / Advanced Nutraceuticals reviews & complaints

Avinol PM / Advanced Nutraceuticals complaints 57

Avinol PM / Advanced Nutraceuticals - unordered and continued delivery of Avinol PM sleep aid

A few months ago I did order some Avinol PM sleeping pills from Response Commerce (I believe as I no longer recall) and, apparently, they must have had something indicating a continued delivery if you didn't stop the order.

About a month later I received another package of the Avinol and went to my bank and had the charges reversed.

Now after a couple of months without another delivery...all of a sudden I get another delivery...which of course I will also have the charges reversed; however, I would like to have this practice stopped.

I have never used any of the first delivery which I did order.


John Kerman

Desired outcome: Stop this nonsense!

Avinol PM / Advanced Nutraceuticals - Unauthorized monthly subscription to Avinol PM plan

Billed $5.95 for ?sample? of Avinol PM on 9/23/21. On 10/13/21, not 30 days later was billed $79.95! Then on 11/10/21, another $85.90 was billed to my credit card! Didn't know this till I rec'd my credit card statement in the mail. Clearly these 2 withdrawals were NOT authorized! Have 50 of these worthless tablets and they won't take them back and issue a refund. Oh, I'm 85 yrs old and on Soc. Security. Definitely not how I would like to spend my check!

Desired outcome: Don't figure to get refund, want to alert others don't get taken like so many of us have. Oh, E-Bay and Amazon have same product(30tabs) for $44.95

Exactly what happened to me.

Avinol PM / Advanced Nutraceuticals - Avinol pm extra strength

I ordered the free "Trial" of Avinol PM. It did not work for me.
Since I did not return it, I was enrolled in auto-ship without my consent.
I found no mention of this enrollment in their ad.
I was then charged $85.90 for a second shipment and the "free sample."
I cancelled my enrollment, but I couldn't return the order.
Billed 10/25/2021.
They should indicate the auto enrollment clearly in their ads.
Apparently, they are no longer offering the Trial.

Desired outcome: Refund


Avinol PM / Advanced Nutraceuticals - Avinol

I ordered Avinol sample pkg. online, for the cost of shipping! The sample came. Later I get a charge on my bank statement for $79.95! I called them about it, was told that it was the price of Avinol 30 day tabs! I Explained that I'd only ordered the sample, and had no knowledge about being put on auto ship, or charg for 79.95! She argued, that since I didn't cancel, bla bla bla! She refused to give me a refund! I asked her over n over! She then offered 50% discount on future orders, I said NO!
Refused my refund! It sells in stores and on Amozon for 45.95!

Desired outcome: A full refund!

Avinol PM / Advanced Nutraceuticals - Avinol PM

The free trial isn't actually a free trial. It's a commitment to buy at $80 per box (a bit under $3 per pill), without providing anything in the way of letting you know that's what's happening.

They actually have TWO terms of service sections on the website. One is general T&S, and there's a HIDDEN T&S menu that requires expanding that then tells you the details on the recurring charges. It also says that if you aren't satisfied, return your unused portion. It doesn't tell you that the initial charge of $80 is absolutely not refundable outside of the 15 day window that don't tell you about.

Calling CS gets you a poor VA in the Philippines who has to follow a script and likely gets chewed out all day. She works for a company ripping people off for revenue, so my sympathy only extends so far...

It's a shame. I LOVE the product (it actually works REALLY well [for me, YMMV]), but I'll be damned if I ever do business with them again.

Desired outcome: Company to correct its sales tactics

Avinol PM / Advanced Nutraceuticals - This Company's Advertising a Scam

I bought Avinol after going to a website which "assured" me that it was the best sleep aid. After I ordered it I found this site with people complaining about the product and service. But I wanted to keep an open mind so I tried it. Quite frankly I found it totally ineffective. Called the company and they offered me everything they could to stop me from quitting their service. I was able to stop any further deliveries and sent back the remaining product in a cheap envelope. If you EVER have problems quitting a company like this, tell them you'll report them to the Federal Trade Commission. And also tell them you'll report them to your state's attorney general and the Better Business Bureau. Works like a charm every time.
PS- They will give you an RMA number so you can return it and get your refund.

Avinol PM / Advanced Nutraceuticals - Product is offered with a 30 day money back guarantee. The free trial wasn't free! They charged me $79.95.

I ordered the product on a 30 day money back guarantee. After only a week of having the product, my bank account was charged $79.95! That is a ridiculous price for this product. When I called, your representative said, there is a 15 day return policy, (and the time starts the day you order it, not when you receive it!). They made no attempt to refund my money, but cancelled the automatic renewal! I haven't even opened the product! This is a scam of the highest order. I desired a trial, not an on going commitment!

Desired outcome: Refund of my $79.95

Avinol PM / Advanced Nutraceuticals - Avinol extra strength pm

7/21/2021 I received a charge of 79.95 on my Credit card for the Avinol PM Extra Strength Base Box Sku AVL ESBX. I received the product on 7/23/2021 with the order slip/ invoice Order no...

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Avinol PM / Advanced Nutraceuticals - Sample of AvinolPM

I fell for the free trail offer and receive a month's supply, the order was placed June 8th and I didn't receive the product until June 14th so 6 days elapsed on my 15 day money back guarantee of the 5.95 I thought but to my surprise it's an $80 hit to my bank account. I thought I was done as there was no place that I seen on the form for auto ship but a month and a half later there's a charge for 85.95, so I called the number listed and could not be connected so I called the number on the Avinol site. I got thru to customer service and after being told for a good 20 minutes they couldn't find my account by using my phone number, name, email address or mailing address she suddenly found it. I told I didn't sign for auto ship and wanted a RMA for return and a refund and she offered me just 50% back and I haven't even received the product yet.

Stay away from this offer, I paid with my debit card but somehow they managed to get my banking info and started putting the charge thru my checking account directly.



Desired outcome: Warn people of deceptive practice and overcharging

Jul 22, 2021

Avinol PM / Advanced Nutraceuticals - Trysleepaid.

John hayes here, you made an unauthorized charge to my card of $77.95 this morning of which has overdrawn my checking acct.I did not authorize this charge please return my money immediately my bank card last four:5595 IF I wish to continue using your product I will again purchase it. as I stated earlier this has caused an overdrawn and a penalty to me and my family

Desired outcome: Return my money

Avinol PM / Advanced Nutraceuticals - Avenol pm didn't work wasted $50

I tried it before hearing of their new "free trial, plus shipping. I PAID $50 for it, because a friend recommended it & it was 'guaranteed ' It did NOTHING for me. 1/2 way through the box I realized it was ineffective, and returned the product. I NEVER RECEIVED ANY REFUND. Its too bad I returned it, at least my friend could have used it. $50 lesson

Desired outcome: Would have liked my refund as promised

Avinol PM / Advanced Nutraceuticals - Avinol PM

I unfortunately tried the trial. Avinol was not effective, it did not work. I called and told them I wanted to cancel. They tried to sell me something else. I told them all I wanted was to cancel. They tried again to sell me something else.
Then I got a second and third shipment. I called again and got the same routine. Rather than cancel they once again tried to sell me another product. Finally, May 7 after being badgered to buy another product they said they would cancel and send me an email as to how to return the packages to get my money back. I never got the email. I called again on May 8 and was told that firm policy was not to resend a second email. Today May 10 I got another package. I called and was told that it was now cancelled and she would resend the email. I asked to speak to a supervisor. She told me I would get a call back in24 to 48 hours. I now have 3 unopened packages of Avinol I would like to return and get my money back. I never authorzed them and I have tried 3 times to get it cancelled.
My plan at this point is to file a complain with the better business bureau and the Attorney General's Office. I simply want to return the 3 unopened packages and get my money back. I will wait to see if I receive a call from a supervisor

Desired outcome: I want my money back on the 3 unauthorized packages


Avinol PM / Advanced Nutraceuticals - Avinol pm extra strength base

While the ingredients are respectable, this medication did not meet

my expectations. I had very unpleasant side effects : violent nightmares,

spasms and I COULD NOT SLEEP.

Do NOT send any refills and do NOT charge my credit card

I would appreciate a refund of $5.95 for the postage

In the end, I was truly disappointed that the product did not live up to
the advertisement thank you


Avinol PM / Advanced Nutraceuticals - Did not receive guaranteed money back for Avinol PM. Sent 3 boxes back 6 weeks ago and was told my money would be refunded with to 10 working days.

Did not receive guaranteed money back for Avinol PM. They advertised money back if I wasn't satisfied. The product contained an ingredient I am evidently allergic to so I sent 3 boxes back 6 weeks ago. I called twice and was told my money would be refunded in 7 to 10 working days both times . I checked my credit card account today and it still has not been credited. Want $119.00 money credited back to my credit card.

Desired outcome: Want money credited back to my credit card.

Avinol PM / Advanced Nutraceuticals - Received 30 day product for $5.95 shipping

These folks are deceptive. They send you a 30 day trial for $5.95 shipping and then charge your credit card for $79.95 after 18 days if you don't return product and cancel membership. What...

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Jan 04, 2021

Avinol PM / Advanced Nutraceuticals - Avinolpm unauthorized subscription fee. No return of this fee available

I fell for this scam. The original description of the product was enticing and I sent for what I believed was a sample and paid a small fee. The product was completely in effectual, I stopped using...

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Avinol PM / Advanced Nutraceuticals - Avinol pm / unauthorized charges

I ordered one box of the Avinol PM while I was suffering from COVID and could not sleep. Before the product arrived I was able to get a prescription for sleeping pills from my doctor. I have the first box but have not tried it as of yet. However, today 1/02/21 I received another box which I definitely did not order and do not want. I want the charge taken off my credit card. If they tell me where to return the box I will be happy to send it back to them. The item arrives with very little paperwork

Desired outcome: I want the charge taken off my credit card

Apr 03, 2020

Avinol PM / Advanced Nutraceuticals - Unauthorized credit card charge

I received an unauthorized charge for $59.95 today. I have not even opened their sample as I found out from my oncologist that I cannot take any type of medication that interferes with my cancer treatments. Also, I only accepted their free offer and paid postage of $4.95. Nowhere did they indicate there would be a recurring charge.
Consider this notice my refusal to their charge or another box of the product without my authorization.
I will gladly return their unopened sample.
My funds are limited especially with this covid19 situation and no work. I would appreciate a prompt refund action of this charge to my card.


Avinol PM / Advanced Nutraceuticals - Received an order do not want.

Need a phone # in order to stop any future shipments and to try to get a refund. These people need to be stopped! I am 90 years old and in need of a sleep aid. I ordered the free trial, nothing was said about auto shippoing. Thge oroduct is worthless. I just received another order which I do not want with a bill for $84.90. No phone number available. I am not senile, and I see there are a whole lot of complaints against this company. Please help me!

Oct 29, 2019

Avinol PM / Advanced Nutraceuticals - avinol pm

I, too, fell for the bait and switch. Product didn't work. Once I send the latest bottle back i'll get "most" of my money back. Never ever buy anything from these type of companies. I should have known better. It's a a scam. And the product doesn't even work! I don't remember anything about 15 days to cancel. I paid shipping for "free" sample but have been billed for two other shipments. I have received 1 bottle. That should have been my "free" sample. Where are the other two bottles I have been charged for?

When I called them to try to get my money back, the person actually tried to sell me something else! Or the same product at 50 percent off. Stay away from these people.

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