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Avinol PM / Advanced Nutraceuticals Complaints & Reviews

Avinol PM / Advanced Nutraceuticals / avinol pm

Oct 18, 2019

8/25/2019, ordered item (30 tablets) @ $4.99 s/h. 10/16, saw questionable & exorbitant charge of $79.95 on my bank statement with the description, "Recur Debit Card Purchase 091619 Get Sleep Health [protected] FL" and called. Per Ednalyn 15 day trial period expired on 9/12 &...

Avinol PM / Advanced Nutraceuticals / avinol free trial

Oct 17, 2019

I just want to make it clear that this company will not try to charge me for future purchases. I have been on and off of prescription medications for sleep apnea/sleep deprivation and extreme insomnia. Avinol did NOT help me the past 2 wks that I tried it. I have contacted them via phone...

Response Commerce / avinol pm

Oct 12, 2019

I ordered a trial sample for $4.95, which showed up within a week. Today I received another month supply and a bill for $84.90. I did not agree to an automatic shipment and billing . I have been scammed, just like the many others that were taken advantage of on Facebook. I am requesting...

Avinol PM / Advanced Nutraceuticals / avinol pm

Sep 29, 2019

Ordered a free trial and received same. Did NOT agree to any future shipments. I received another box of Avinol PM that I do NOT want. I will dispute the charge on my credit card. Your order no: 61.175129.202. Please send me a free return shipment envelope and I will gladly return you...

Avinol PM / Advanced Nutraceuticals / avinol pm

Sep 16, 2019

I have been trying to cancel this for a few months now, and continue to get the product each month and the $84.90 charge each month. You all are very sneaky about putting no information on the shipment to make it easy for people to cancel. I have left a couple of messages, but get no...

Avinol PM / Advanced Nutraceuticals / bill for free sample

Aug 30, 2019

The company is a complete rip off. They advertise a 4.95 sample and then bill you for 79.00 a few days later. When you call they tell you to return the shipment for a refund. I thought they meant the one they were getting ready to ship but found out later they meant what was left of the...

Avinol PM / Advanced Nutraceuticals / unauthorized charges on my credit card

Aug 09, 2019

Today I called "RESPONSE COMMERCE" who sent me another order of Avinol . I ordered a trial of Avinol for $4.95 there was no terms that stated I would automatically be billed it was a one-time purchase. Today I received big credit card statement of $84 on my credit card and a shipment of...

Avinol PM / Advanced Nutraceuticals / complaint

Aug 08, 2019

The company was offering free samples for 4.95 shipping. When filling out address and credit card information illegally enrolled me in a monthly subscription at a cost of 30 pills for 79.99 plus shipping monthly. Called the company and received rude response that my 15 day cancellation...

Avinol PM / Advanced Nutraceuticals / avinol sleep aid

Jul 14, 2019

Avinol PM / Advanced NutraceuticalsThey are a con... promise $4.95 and then charge $90 bucks without you even noticing. When it seems to good to be true... it is. If they were honest I might think about staying, but anyone that has to weasel there way in knows it's wrong. Hope you read this before selecting yes for...

Avinol PM / Advanced Nutraceuticals / advinol pm

Jul 12, 2019

7/12/19 FINALLY got a person (Jerly) on the phone after a month of trying to find anything with a phone number or email to talk to! She offered to refund 50% of the ONE month (I had received TWO unauthorized!) & AFTER she 'talked it over with a supervisor'...when I said NO, I have already...

Avinol PM / Advanced Nutraceuticals / unauthorized credit card charges

Jun 05, 2019

I ordered Avinol Pm to try out. I did not see their condition of 30 day return. I was out of the country till May 11. I called and told them I returned first offer with their instruction and return order form. Then I got another one. My credit card was charged twice. They only refunded me...

Avinol PM / Advanced Nutraceuticals / stop sending avinol pm to me.

May 08, 2019

I am Cat Nguyen living at 2412 Pinyon Jay Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80951. I accepted the trial of Avinol PM Extra Strength since March 2019. The effectiveness of each tablet is so low. It can say helpless. I am also very sorry to just receive one more box of the same kind although I...

Avinol PM / Advanced Nutraceuticals / avinolpms pm, customer service don't care, they wouldn't help me

Apr 25, 2019

It has been a nightmare. Product didn't work. They charged my bank account $79.95. I sent the product back. And the bank gave me my money back temporary as they researched the charge. Now the bank is going to take the money back out of my account. The company is stating that they didn't...

Avinol PM / Advanced Nutraceuticals / sleeping aid

Apr 24, 2019

I was charged for a trial size but received a full order then charged full price plus shipping of $84.95. I am a low income senior. I would NEVER order a product tbis expensive that was not prescribed. They said I clicked/selected permission to start a subscription for this. No. When I...

Avinol PM / Advanced Nutraceuticals / unauthorized credit card charge

Mar 03, 2019

I ordered a one time "free" sample of avinol pm and paid the shipping charge of $4.95. Today, 3/3/19, I incurred a charge on my credit card for $79.95 that I did not authorize. I never agreed to any future automatic shipments or charges! This company is acting fraudulently and should be...

Avinol PM / Advanced Nutraceuticals / anivol pm

Dec 22, 2018

This is nothing but another internet scam. These pills do nothing at all to give you sleep. Be sure you are not taken like me. It won't do anything but make you groggy. I Feel rather stupid for falling for this scam. I hope Others will find out the hard way like I did. I Want every dime I...

Avinol PM / Advanced Nutraceuticals / avinol pm

Dec 08, 2018

Ordered a FREE TRIAL SAMPLE for only 4.95 shipping. No where in the order or the email I recieved or the free sample package did they say they would charge 79.95 later on. Ordered the product on Oct 25, 2018, was charged 4.95 and on Nov 12 they charged the 79.95. When I first saw the...

Avinol PM / Advanced Nutraceuticals / avinol pm

Oct 10, 2018

I signed up for the free trial for 4.95, received it but in the meantime was put in prescription sleep medication. I called the customer service number after I was charged for a second order. I spoke to Maria on 9/28/18 at 3:50 pm who told me I would get an email with return instruction...

Avinol PM / Advanced Nutraceuticals / avinol pm / advanced nutraceuticals

Sep 19, 2018

Avinol PM / Advanced Nutraceuticals is a scam/fraud. I posted a comment about this on Facebook to warn others. I paid $4.95 shipping for a free sample. Then I was charged $79.95. The company said I have to return the FREE sample to get my $79.95 back . I still won't get the $4.95 or the...

Avinol PM / free trial

Aug 30, 2018

I have received an order of avinol pm and been charged $84.95 after requesting and receiving a free trial. This was not permission to continue charging my credit card. There is no company name on the shipment order. Please help investigate. I need to cease this activity immediately. How...

Avinol PM / Advanced Nutraceuticals / sleep aid, payment not authorized. unauthorized credit card charge.

Aug 20, 2018

I ordered a free trial of Avinol pM. paid shipping charge. Now I received another order for $84.90. I canceled this product right after I tried it. It doesn't work. Now they won't let me cancel. I have called several times to get these charges removed. However, they keep charging to my...

Avinol PM / Advanced Nutraceuticals / avinol pm extra strength

Apr 24, 2018

date of incident 3/23/18 Signed up for free trial of Avinol PM. led to believe I would only be charged for shipping. A box of 30 tablets came in the mail, the product doesn't work. My credit card was charged $1.95 on 3/23, then another $4.95 on 3/23, than on April 10-2018 my card wa...

Avinol PM / Advanced Nutraceuticals / I never ordered this

Mar 11, 2018

I never ordered this avinol pm. My bank was charged twice at 84.00$ I have called and spoke with someone in customer service that was suppose to send me an email with an address to mail the unopened avinol pm back to you. I never received a second box. I really don't want to get my lawyer...

Avinol PM / Advanced Nutraceuticals / they are sneaky thieves!

Feb 08, 2018

I was led to believe I was only paying for $4.95 shipping, only! But I got charged $79.99! I called the company at : [protected] and a very arrogant woman named Carla, who told me I was to blame for their deceptive advertising! All because I failed to read their sneaky fine print which wa...

Avinol PM / avinol pm

Jan 05, 2018

I ordered a box of 30 for $4.95 on November 15.2017. I did not authorize any further charges at the time but today we received another box of 30 and a charge of $84.90 has been applied to our Visa card. Neither of us authorized this charge. I would like to return this box and have the...

Avinol PM / avinol

Jan 02, 2018

I am using my LegalShield law firm/attorney to affect resolution of Avinol fraud. My wife and I have been LegalShield members for over three (3) years. We have used our membership to successfully resolve numerous contentious situations such as this. Companies such as Avinol know most of u...

Avinol PM / avina pm

Nov 17, 2017

Advertised a sample of 18 day trial of Avinal PM for $4.95 plus shipping and charged it to my checking. Sent a box of 30, not 18. Was then charged $79.99. Was nothing stating they were sending me 30 and would be charged for 30. Called and they said to send back the remainder of the box...

Avinol PM / free avinol pm

Aug 19, 2017

This FREE Avinol PM is nothing but a bait and switch. I found out after giving my order that they would charge my account every month $79.99. Nothing was said ANYWHERE when I was making my order that this charge was going to be done every month. Stay away from this product. It is such a...

Avinol / avinol pm

Jul 23, 2017

I consented to try Avinol as a free trial was offered. Nowhere did it say That I had to cancel anything. Then they sent me more pills I didn't order and didn't want. They have charged my credit card. The one pill I took from the trial pills made me sick so I do t want any more. I want to...

Avinol PM / avinol pm

Jul 18, 2017

I ordered a ridk fred trial no where did I see that if u dont cancel they will send h a 30 day supply I did not dee that anywherd eithjn just a few days they yook 84 00 from. My acct I fix not order any pills nor do I want any pills I have no idez how to cancel this and they are going to...

Avinol PM / paying for product that I didn't not intend to continue receiving.

Jul 16, 2017

Avinol PMAvinol PM is ineffective. I have tried to cancel my monthly shipments but to no avail. I signed up for the $4.95 trial with the intention of canceling when it did not help me. I'm shocked I continue to be charged $84.90 month after month! This is insane! I am pleading for someone to step...

Avinol PM / unauthorized credit card charges

Jun 21, 2017

The charge for this product was taken out of my checking account today 6/21/2017.I did not have a chance to try this product yet, due to being sick for the last few weeks. So why would I want more???? This money that you took is already earmarked to pay another bill .The money must be...

Avinol PM / getting a second order and being billed on my credit card that I did not order.

Jun 07, 2017

ordered free trial and recieved and then got a secod order i did not order and charged me $84.00 dollars i am contacting my bank and my Att. if i recieve any more pills that I did not order.I seen this all on T, V. from the Dr.Ozz shop and also advertized on the Internet also. it wa...

Avinol PM / product and service!

Jan 10, 2017

We ordered the trial and got a box without having a chance to try the product. Long story short I was on vacation in hawaii when the actual order came in. I was shocked to see they charged my account $84 for a one month supply of 30 pills for sleep!!! Before I knew it my second order came...

Avinol PM / trial is just a bait


Avinol PM advertised free trial during which it was possible to get all money back with 100% guarantee. I canceled my trial only after a week of starting it with one more week of spare room left but despite that I was ignored for next 10 days and after they’ve answered me trial was already over and I had to pay.