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H Jul 12, 2019

7/12/19 FINALLY got a person (Jerly) on the phone after a month of trying to find anything with a phone number or email to talk to! She offered to refund 50% of the ONE month (I had received TWO unauthorized!) & AFTER she 'talked it over with a supervisor'...when I said NO, I have already filed a complaint with the BBB, she offered to refund ALL of ONE month! I said NO, I want BOTH months refunded & she did! Not the shipping ($4.95 each) but she DID refund ONE but her supervisor has to approve the older one & (haha, call me back within 24-48 hours!!!) I am NOT holding my breathe for that one! Thankfully, she cancelled the subscription! As I was trying to explain to her how NORMAL, REPUTABLE companies do things (have a proper invoice with a Company NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE & EMAIL on it AND they bill you as a COMPANY not 'Sleep Aid'!!!), she continued to talk over me & put me on hold! After all of this time, effort & aggravation, Hopefully, it is almost over! I WILL call back if I don't get a call! When she asked if she could help me with anything else, I told her to look for a new job since this company was a scam!

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