AutoSprint / car tray being compromised after car servicing

Ol Sep 11, 2019

Car protection cover being compromised and spoilt during car servicing at AutoSprint Pte Ltd at Leng kee Road Auto Point
Have read the review in sgcartmart and call in for servicing
My car B180 servicing was being carried out 5 Sept 2019 under service exec SiYing. Yesterday while driving the car's underbody body tray drop off along the MCE highway! Managed to collect it back dangerously with all the car horning and manage the way back to AutoSprint workshop and find out that the underbody tray is only tightened with 4 screws instead of the original 8 screw !!!
This a serious problem in workmanship and it endanger safety and is a serious work ethics issues! At the end, autosprint only tighten back with 7 screws as part of the underbody tray is being broken! And I have to look for replacement for the tray due to their work !!! I will be writing in the CASE for further investigation into such workmanship issues
My caris up for inspection and with the broken underbody tray, will be informing the car inspection centre with the spilt underbody tray due to a terrible car service incident!

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