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In the afternoon of the 1st February I had a car accident, which I reported the day after to the contact number I have on my documentation that I received from Indwe Risk Services. To my surprise it turned out to be Telesure, an agent/underwriters for Auto & General.
Since I reported my accident, I have had no joy dealing with Telesure.
I have spoken to Grant Williams and Roekaya about 6 times since then, and all I get is more questions about the accident, and no indication of when my car will be fixed.

Now, the reason I have insurance is for peace of mind, knowing that I am covered by insurance should something happen to me. It is sad that hard working people like me sacrifice their hard earned cash to pay for insurance that does not care for their well-being. Several times now I have explained to Grant the urgency of approving my insurance claim. During the accident I lost my left mirror, and it is not safe to drive a vehicle without a mirror on the left as I cannot see vehicles in my blind spot and it is impossible to be accurate when reversing the vehicle, and that on its own is another accident waiting to happen.

I have repeatedly spoken to Grant to ask what is happening with the claim. He continually fails to get back to me. Nobody at the call centre at Indwe Risk Services can tell me what is happening either. It has been 3.5 weeks since I reported my accident. All that Grant is holding on to is the fact that he requested an invoice dated the day of the accident, which I have told him I do not have. This is very frustrating, and stressful. Firstly, it is stressful being in a car accident, and then the only thing that keeps one going is the hope that one is insured, but the very people you count on for assistance, are the ones who do not care.

I pay relatively high premiums, about R1000 every month towards insurance, and I have never missed a payment since about two and half years ago from when I took the insurance, and this was to make sure I am in good standing and that I am taken care of. I have had poor service from the day I reported the accident to Telesure.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Jan 25, 2011 4:46 pm EST

Rodney, the manager has informed me that my claim has been rejected and i was informed on 11March.
Suprisingly, Evette told me the very next day that she will discuss with management and see what can be done. Does this not mean there is a possibilty it could still be paid out?

After numerous calls I made to Auto & General, being put on hold, consultants not calling me back, I am now not only required to fix my own car but I have to pay for a car hire Anja promised she will see if it gets extended and 2. I have to pay for storage at the Panel Beaters.

Only today did Rodney give me the address to where the car is standing. He reckons Nasika must have told me to go and collect it. As dumb as I may seem, why would I not collect the car if I knew for sure insurance was not paying? I am waiting for the recorded conversation between Nasika & myself.

I am appalled that the claim is not paid out because I failed to take the vehicle in for an assessment, therefore my insurance has no certainity of the state the car was in. If this was the case, why did they continue debiting my acc every month? I want my policy cancelled & all tht is due to me. I am sick to my stomach!

Jul 13, 2011 12:55 pm EDT
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I have a policy with Auto & Gen for my car FRK 412 NW which is acitve.I also have another insurance on my other car with Dial Direct for HJC 610 NW which is also active.Yesterday I called Dial Direct to tell me where I could fiind Glasfit in Rustenburg so I could take my bakkie (HJC 610 NW) for inspection, only to be told by the consultant that my bakkie is double insured by both Dial Direct and Auto & General.I was shocked because I did not take a policy with Auto & Gen for my bakkie, its only for my private car FRK 412 NW.I dont even have policy documents for that bakkie.I want all my money they have been deducting from my account with immediate effect or else I am calling my lawyer and I cancell both policies with Auto & Gen.Tebogo Sibilanga [protected] [email protected]

May 03, 2016 3:14 am EDT
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I have been in an accident 22/3/2016. Till today I am still waiting to hear from the panel beaters that they agreed to pay out. The amount that they quoted is not enough to fix the car.
I have been speaking to Riaaz Arendse but get the same tips of awnsers and everytime I am asked if it is the terracan? Saying that is the problem. Then it is the assesor that I didn't keep my appointment. They towed my car away to Bredarsdorp on the 23rd of March!
Please look in to this as I am a Hospice sister that need my car to work!
Kind regards


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