Complaints & Reviews


Since March 2019 I have been experiencing issues with my gears on a A3 TSFI 2015 model. Since then I have had 2 software upgrades, issues still not resolved. Technical experience is lacking at the dealership.

Escalated to Head Office AUDI SA, the dealership gave the consultant at head office the run around as well. Still unresolved.

The vehicle was with Audi Bruma for 2 weeks and then another 2 weeks. Matter was not resolved. Vehicle returned smelling, full tank of fuel depleted. On querying beginning June 2019 still not response. Waiting on manager to fetch vehicle again. It is now end of July.

Audi Bruma has still not resolved the matter. Balancing was done, vehicle pulls heavily to the left. Only issue that appears to have been resolved was the lubeing of the bushes due to severe creaking from front suspension, hopefully wont need to have the wishbone replaced too.

Poor service. Have been complaining for about a year on one problem and always there is no problem or they so-called fix the problem.

Bought Audi A4. Has the car for about 1 year 5 months. We had problems from day one with the gearbox of the AUDI that is not smooth. When stopping it does not change smoothly. You...