Asurioncharged me for covered loss

M Dec 29, 2019

I called in a damaged phone for replacement. I paid the 250. or so required. We were moving so between the time I called in and the time I got the envelope to return the old phone, I lost the old phone. I don't know where it went - whether someone stole it as we were moving or whether it was put into a box we didn't see. I have called to explain to Asurion and was they would make a note of it, I would not be charged the fee for not returning the phone because loss is also covered and I already paid the fee for the replacement phone. Then, I found the charge on my Sprint bill. I called Sprint to complain and after many callsa nd hours they told me only Asurion could recall the fee, but that they would give me a 'payment plan' that would extend the charge for 2 weeks while I got Asurion to remove it. I called Asurion again and was transferred multiple times, hung up on multiple times, usually when I asked for a Supervisor. One person just kept me on hold so long thinking I would hang up. But I didn't and they were very surprised when I didn't and came back on the phone. Then transferred me to a supervisor and then I was again disconnected. This time I had waited on the phone over an hour. Clearly this is a bait and switch and I will be taking this to small claims court to have it reimbursed plus fees.

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