Astro IPTVrefusal or inability to activate decoder.

Have been an Astro customer for approximate 20 years and Astro iptv for approximately 6-7 years. The decoder was down last Thursday 3rd October, 2019 and I called the following morning to inform on the faulty decoder which need to be replaced. A technician called me back within 24 hours and scheduled an appointment on Monday 7th October, 2919 3pm (as there is no available slot on Saturday 5th, October, 2019 ). The technician is only allowed to work from 9am - 1pm only!
The replacement technician who attend to us (Ivan) is responsible and efficient and replaced a new decoder for us. (The previous decoder is confirmed faulty). He called to "activate" the new decoder without success and informed me to call for activation (Astro iptv required account holder to call). Immediately I called and was told the activation system was down. I have been following up on activation since then (multiple calls) with the same answer by customer service that they have put in my request but unable or refuse to give me estimate time that it can be done. Even I plead them to speak to their IT department who are responsible on the failure to activate my decoder. Now on a Friday 11th October, 2019 11:55pm, after numerous calls, customer service department could not inform me when the activation can be done. They cannot reach the IT team as they are not working on weekend and they can only call me back on Monday 14th October, 2019 to inform on the status. I demanded the shift manager, Linda (the last call was made at 11am ) to contact the higher up to look into this issue. I was informed she did inform someone in IT department to look into the matter. I do not understand why despite numerous complaints, iT departments are only working from 9-5 only on weekdays. Don't they have someone to attend to it and treat it as urgent case. No contingency plan? Is this cost saving put customers at the last priority? From this experience, my view on Astro is that they place customers at the lowest priority and the customers are there for them to "milk". They have just forwarded a fresh invoice to me on 4th October. Don't know why they think we should do charity and donate to Astro.
I will consider to terminate the Astro subscription as well as Maxis ( currently subscribing more than 20 lines) (20 years customer). If someone ask me to give a rating on Astro IPTV, from 1-10, (worst to best) the highest that I can give is 1.

Oct 11, 2019

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