Asset West Property Management Complaints & Reviews

Asset West Property Management / unethical behavior, false claims about our conduct as residents, and inappropriate behavior by staff

Apr 19, 2019

I am a current resident at a Calgary condo managed by AWPM, we are new renters here and have only been here two months. we were lied to by the owner and signed a two year lease. nowhere in the said lease does it mention AWPM or the condo by-laws they require you to adhere to. we were...

Asset West Property Management / Damage Desposit

Sep 24, 2014

I'm going to attach an abundance of files to support my complaint, so I will just give point form here to make things easier. 1 - Lost my rental check 2 - Requested a money order (without) reimbursement for it 3 - Did not show up on time to retrieve money order...left me waiting for an...

Asset West Property Management / Staff bullying

May 31, 2014

I am an ex-employee of this company. I strongly advise anybody who is considering applying for employment with this company to think again. I suffered horrible verbal abuse and bullying by a female Manager in this company for nearly 2 years. I ended up walking out as I could no longer...

Asset West Property Management Ltd / TheyRip you off and spit in your face


Darren Potter and Asset West are useless. All the buildings are full of party people. Tons of drugs and drinking and loud music all night. Then when you complain they say hey just phone the RCMP dont bother us we are busy just taking your money and doing nothing with it. If you are looking...

Asset West / Darren Potter


I won't be hiding behind an alias Mr. Potter - I too have had several issue with this business/person. If anyone else has had issues with Asset/Darren Potter please contact me directly to discuss, we are seeking a class action lawsuit. Thank you.

Asset West Property Management Ltd / Darren Potter Steals Money


Darren Potter stole my money and was caught and had to pay it back after I called the RCMP Police. Here is some additional information on Darren Potter and Asset West. Beware if you want to deal with these people. Inv. File #: 1831-05 REAL ESTATE COUNCIL OF ALBERTA NOTICE OF ADMINISTRATIVE...