Asset Recovery Associates [ARA]debt collector scam calls

ARA just called me and was very vague about why they were calling and transferred me from "Michael Williams" to "Ms Bloomberg" where she began to tell me my social security number in full, birth date and that I'm over 65 and asked if I still worked and told me I owe 24, 000 on a credit card with a 5000 dollar limit. As I listened she proceeded to tell me she will accept 22, 000 because she would hate to have to report me to the credit bureau today and hurt my 900 credit score and bring it down to a 700. She even gave me the credit card number. She said they are bringing a lawsuit to get their money. She wouldn't let me speak or ask many questions. She kept saying excuse me. Finally I just said thanks for telling me all my dead mothers information I am 40 yrs old and have no idea why my number was associated to my mothers name and info or where they get all this information from. She never even let me know her social even when she was my beneficiary on my life insurance. I'm pretty sure she'd be pissed if she spent 40 years making sure I never learned it and then these fools who specifically said this isn't a scam cuz we know all your info, gave it to me over the phone. She said [censored] your moms not dead and that she knew I was my mom and I said do I sound sixty 67 and she said oh whatever and hung up on me.

Oct 17, 2019

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